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on November 23, 2011

This is what happened when I was working on cleaning out my fridge on Tuesday morning:Yeah, that’s the glass shelf that was big enough to go clear across the fridge. It shattered all over the kitchen and even into the living room when I took it from the fridge to the sink (that was warm from washing the plastic fridge drawers). It was almost instantaneous. Let this be a warning to you not to put cold glass things into hot things (or hot things into cold!) I think it might have worked if I had a towel lining the sink. I should have just wiped it all down inside the fridge, but I wanted it really clean. I was babysitting a friend’s little boy too. I had to hurry and put Abby in her highchair and make sure the boys knew not to come in the kitchen. It was an overwhelming mess. I swept this much from the floor:
And then cleaned out under the stove again and vacuumed all over with the wand and all over the living room (while I took short breaks to make Abby a bottle and take her a snack). I am pretty sure all the glass is cleaned up now. What a MESS!
Oh and I was taking dinner to a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago (I always like dinners to stretch out longer when I have a baby), so I was in the middle of thinking about that too. The jello was in the fridge and the plans were in the works….as soon as the fridge was clean. And I was cooking our turkey so there would be room in the fridge for Thanksgiving. My parents are bringing the real turkey. Mine is all going in the freezer to make enchiladas or whatever we normally make with chicken because our turkey cost $3.50.
We had an extra shelf (that’s half size) that we are using for now. We’ll replace the shelf later.
All of that was after I’d already vacuumed up the rice krispies that Vincent spilled all over the family room and I’d taken out the trash once already too.
Monday after school while Olivia was at ballet (not my week to drive), Elizabeth and Vincent were making a giraffe out of blocks.
Vincent wanted it to be as tall as him.
As soon as Olivia got back home, we were ready to eat the stir fry Elizabeth helped me make with my friend and her daughter who were staying at our house to play while Andy, Elizabeth, and I went to the Nutcracker practice. They had real practice and I had to go to the parent meeting to learn about what to do (even though I know it already).
I’m starting to get serious about working on my craft projects for our Ransom Made Design Christmas Event the week after Thanksgiving on Friday, December 3rd (5-9pm) and Saturday, December 4th (9am-3pm) at my in law’s house in Kennewick. (If you’d like directions, send me an email at nadscrow@yahoo.com.) We (Andy’s mom, aunts, a few sisters, and I) all make fun crafts that those who come to the show (or ask about them) can buy to give away or keep or whatever. We make fun things to decorate or give to kids or for a gift for that person on your list who already has everything. It’s fun. I’m making some kid Christmas aprons and poinsettia bobby pins this week. Next week I need to make more microwave potato bags, I spy bags, and some Christmas ornaments. Go like us on facebook to see some of the things we make. We’ll have more up soon after the Event.
Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be so much fun with family! Happy Thanksgiving to you!


2 responses to “Unexpected

  1. Oh no! I bet that was a pain to clean up. I'm sorry. I have done something like that before for sure. I put our casserole dish on a stove that I thought was off and it literally exploded glass all over the kitchen.

  2. LKP says:

    okay, i'd have had an instant heart attack and then suddenly burst into tears…. you're so quick on your feet! way to hold it all together. :)

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