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Thanksgiving Fun

on November 24, 2011

We were able to see family a lot the last two days. (Warning: Pictures….many of them to come.) Wednesday right after school got out, we (the kids and I-Andy was working) went to Kori and Joe’s house to have some crafting time while three of my four brothers watched our combined 14 kids. (Baby Derek was sleeping in this picture at Milton’s house.)Kori had a huge bag of wool felt to make some flowers and Christen brought her own project to work on (I think it’s a secret though…) and I brought supplies to make fabric covered trays (old cookies sheets+spray adhesive+fabric+ribbon). I started with the big green bow and decided it was too huge, so I cut up the extra strips I made and turned it into four little ones. The red pinwheels will fit my big, medium, and small girls perfectly.
After we finished our crafts, we headed to Milton and Christen’s house for dinner. They had Thanksgiving with her side this year. We had everyone there except for Janessa and her family. We sure missed them!
This was the normal sight of Abby heading quickly for the stairs….and even faster (and with a giggle) when she saw we were going to get her away from them.
Tina likes to show off how super she is. She is amazing! Her son Derek is two months younger than Abby, but they both do about the same things.
Abby spilling the Colby-ed up version of Muddy Buddies. (He’s allergic to peanut butter, so his mom made some muddy buddies with soy butter and they were awesome!)
Our kids like their uncles and aunts. They really do. See? Here is Abby showing Uncle Joe how much she likes him. He appreciated it. Vincent is there in the foreground talking to Joe too. Our kids love their family.
And here Vincent is getting Aunt Kori to tie Jared’s super cape on him while Aunt Christen plays with Derek.
Tina holding Abby some more.
And then they brought in the new puppies. They have two of these cute little dogs. Too bad we won’t get one (because we don’t want one. They are giving them away if you want one, let me know and I can help arrange it.)

Elizabeth holding the puppy.
Olivia holding the puppy.
And Vincent had a turn holding the puppy as soon as he finished up in the bathroom washing his hands (you can’t tell by the water on his sleeve at all….)
We went over to Andy’s parent’s house after we were done partying at Milton’s. They had extended family over for pie and cookies. It was a nice visit. Grandpa George got his new fun toy out for the kids (and him) to play with. He has a game they like on there.
Thursday Thanksgiving was at our house, so I got our house mostly ready on Wednesday night and started our laundry (and finished it before visitors came over-yea!)
Brant and Tina got here first. Christopher and Olivia played Uno.
After a little bit we got our our GeoTrax for the kids to play with in the other room while we finished setting the tables and arranging the food. Sam liked them.
Vincent, Elizabeth, and Olivia at the “kid table”. My mom brought her tablecloths and they each had a little placemat I found a few weeks ago for a quarter each. Elizabeth and Olivia made their placecards.
Abby slept until just before the prayer. She has perfect timing sometimes. She enjoyed the dinner I made for her. She will eat anything. (Her meal is not really pictured. We had to take her plate when she started throwing it on the floor.)
After all the other kids left the table, Christopher was the only one left. Elizabeth and Olivia were the only kids to finish all their dinner. Hooray! (Note: they still complained of being hungry not long afterwards!)
My brother Jeff is here for a visit until he needs to leave for Cuba to be a prison guard at Guantanamo Bay Army detention center for a year. He was there a few years ago for a year and a half. The kids were enjoying wrestling Uncle Jeff.
He enjoyed playing with them too!
I don’t know where my brothers get their fun side from… Do you?
Yeah, that would be my dad pulling Derek around on his blanket. Derek (and my dad) LOVED it!
We had a good time visiting (and eating-I’m SOOOO full!) and now the dishes are done, the house is cleaned up again, and the kids are asleep. Time for my tryptophan nap before some doing some crafts.
I think this was a success. Everyone had a chair at a table with real plates and silverware. No one got hurt (no blood means no bandaids!) No one threw up (just the occasional spit up from Derek.) And everyone should have left with plenty of fully cooked food in their tummies.
I’m so thankful for holidays that give us a great reason to see our families. I’m also VERY thankful that we enjoy our families and they seem to tolerate us alright too.

3 responses to “Thanksgiving Fun

  1. Mary says:

    WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for sharing your abode with us! It was a great couple of days.

  2. Why am I super? It has nothing to do with me that Derek is a maniac baby! I loved holding both of them though, that was fun! Abby is a doll! Thanks for doing so much for Thanksgiving. It was soo fun. And thanks for sharing pictures too!

  3. Oh, p.s. Thanks for not posting the picture of Christopher picking his nose… but that was a really funny picture! :0

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