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Good enough?

on November 30, 2011

I’ve been thinking and talking and thinking some more about self worth this week (always, but this week in particular). There are so many great quotes that are supposed to inspire you (me, one, everyone, etc.) to do better and think better of themselves, but in order to think better of yourself, you think you have to act all proud and full of yourself. There are more than two ways. You don’t have to be depressed on one side OR conceited on the other side. There is plenty of room in the middle for this topic and the middle is the best in this circumstance. All one way or all the other way is what Satan wants us to think of ourselves. He wants us to believe that we aren’t good enough (or that we are TOO good) to do the things we know we should be doing.
I was visiting with the missionaries and an investigator on an exchange last night and among the things we were discussing was the thought of whether or not Heavenly Father really wants all of His children to return to Him. Of course he does want them to return to live with Him, but we also have agency which allows US the opportunity to make decisions for ourselves (and those around us who are affected) and that will determine whether or not we will return to Him. This seemed a little confusing because we know He wants us to, and He knows what choices we will make, so is that contradictory? No. I somehow came up with an example that I think fit very well that relates to our own lives. (Where it came from, I don’t know other than the Spirit touched me in a way to put this thought into words that would make it easier to understand.) Here it is:

If you compare Heavenly Father to a teacher at a school and all the people in the world as students, the teacher would of course want the BEST for their students and they would WANT to give them all straight A’s. BUT, is it fair to give every student an A, even if they were not doing their work and not trying and not even putting any effort in? If you think even that student deserves an A, would you want that student to get the same recognition as you if you worked hard and became Valedictorian? Would it be worth anything to have that honor if everyone had the exact same honor? Or would it become worthless? So, yes, not every student deserves the same grade, but each have the POTENTIAL to earn up to the highest grade when they do the work with their best effort. The teacher would LOVE to have a class full of students who all achieve the highest grade possible because they really worked at it, but most of the time that’s just not how it works, even though they want it. The student is the one who has to want to do the work and earn the grade, just like Heavenly Father wants each of us to do our work and earn our reward. If we don’t, he is disappointed and still has a constant hope that we can change and do better the next time (just like a teacher would if a student tries really hard on a test, but just doesn’t understand enough to pass the test).

I was visiting teaching today and we talked about the talk President Uchdorf gave at our recent General Conference about Things that Matter Most (The one on Forget-me-nots went right into this talk.) They were both fantastic. He talked about how we are nothing compared to how many things God has created, but also that we are EVERYTHING to God and how much He loves us and wants us to return to Him and how everything He has made, He made for each of us. We really DO matter. (Oh, and my visiting teaching partner and I both picked the same conference talk to do our lesson on—randomly! It must be very needed!)

I often imagine the picture of Christ knocking on the door without the handle and waiting for us to let Him into our lives.
I also imagine that there is another door that Satan uses to barge into our lives without knocking and that if one door is open the other one can’t be open. Does that make sense? I want the open door to be the one Christ is at. (I’m not saying that I’m good at this, let alone perfect at it, and I don’t want anyone to think that I am, but I also want to let you know that I’m trying and that you can too.)
I know that there IS a plan for us on earth and that we are here for a reason. Our purpose for being on earth is to become like Him and do as He would do. Although this is very, very hard, it’s the whole reason for being on earth.
He is begging us to take the wonderful gift He has for us. Do your best to get the best reward. Remember when you are not feeling like you are worth it, that it’s Satan who wants you to think that so you won’t achieve your highest potential. Heavenly Father wants you to believe that you are worth everything and that you can do anything!

Your Thoughts?

Here is what Abby did at one of the houses we visited:She was trying to get a cat toy ball (a plastic one with a bell in it) and thought this way would work best.
I admire her creativity and use of energy. She was trying and trying for several minutes. She had both feet up many times and was hanging there. She likes to climb over the rungs of the chairs at home too. I love this girl!

One response to “Good enough?

  1. Diane says:

    Thank you for this post, I needed that great reminder. You stated it very well. Thanks again!

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