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Who’s Coming to Town?

on December 2, 2011

Santa. He was here today at Goodwill and since he happens to be my cousin’s husband (the Santa helper, not real Santa because he’s busy in the North Pole), I thought it would be fun to go and visit him. I wanted to see what Abby would do when she saw him too. The big girls were at school, so I didn’t plan on going, but changed my mind.

Vincent loved Santa and told him that he wants a Buzz Lightyear toy. Santa gave him a stuffed snowman toy and a candy cane. Vincent will love Santa forever!
Abby woke up after we left the store, so I had to take her back in to meet Santa. We get to see another Santa tonight at our ward party, so I wanted to make sure she didn’t hate Santa. She was just a little indifferent about it all. She wanted a bottle.Doug made a very good Santa. He was nice to the kids and had that ‘youthful’look that Santa is supposed to have. Just last week, Doug’s hair was dark, dark brown. One of the people who works at Goodwill told me that Doug is the best Santa they have ever had. You can hardly tell that he’s in his early 30’s, can you?
Also, we are all set up for our Ransom Made Design Christmas Magic Event. It’s tonight at Shirley’s house from 5-9pm and Saturday from 9am-3pm. Here are some of the things I made.
Chore charts, tote bags, boy and girl toy roll ups, appliqued shirts, and I Spy Games.
Not pictured: Mousepads, everyday magnets, pushpins, potato bags, aprons, and scissors.
These are the Christmas things I made. Pillows, poinsettia flower hair pins, fun magnets, and a set of cloth napkins. I also made some Christmas aprons.
Here are a few more things-But not all or even close to all! Our Family Rules sign made by Kim.
“Do You Hear What I Hear” vinyl made by Kim.
Changing pads with pockets for diaper, wipes, and cream made by Nancy.
Cool seasonal appliqued towels made by Nancy.
Shirley, Sara, and Torrie have awesome stuff too! I’ll have to post a few things from them tomorrow. It all starts soon! Go if you get a chance (and if you live too far away and really want something, we could ship it to you! Also, most of us can make something in a different pattern or color if you want to special order it.)


One response to “Who’s Coming to Town?

  1. He really does make a great Santa! Though your daughter looks completely unimpressed! I love your pillows–they are so cute. And I've always wanted a family rules sign. Good luck with your event!

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