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Olivia’s Recital

on December 4, 2011

Olivia had a little dance recital on Saturday night. They did it differently this year and we just showed up a little before our time and then her group had ten minutes on the stage to dance around (with three or four older company ballerinas) and then they had a group picture in front of the Nutcracker tree. The set behind is the house in the first Act of Nutcracker.
Before the recital we had a meeting with our sister missionaries. They come over weekly to review what’s going on in their work and who they are meeting with. I’ve arranged to have them come over and do “service” by helping me set up my Christmas decorations. They kept asking what they could do for me…. I know that I’m totally putting them out of their comfort zones. One of our sisters used to work at a craft store. I’m excited to see if they’ll decorate differently than I have the last several years. I like change and decorating for Christmas was getting a little boring.
Then I treated the family to dinner at Quizno’s with some of my earnings from the Event. YUM! It went very well and we had a lot of customers. We were busy the whole time.
Here’s what Olivia did pretty much the whole time. She just ran around in circles. She was doing different moves with the different Christmas songs, but basically just going in circles.
Olivia in front of the tree on stage.
Olivia’s friend who is in her class with her and in our ward too. Olivia was a little sad that we didn’t get her flowers too. I didn’t even think about it. Sorry, Olivia (although I’m pretty sure her friend is the only one who had flowers…)
After the recital we went to the grocery store and filled up a Salvation Army food box for our food drive. I like having the kids help pick which flavor of things to get for the items on the list. They like to pick the jello and cake mixes especially. I love seeing them want to give. And then after we got home and they all had baths and went to bed, I got to go to the store again and get groceries. Man was my cart FULL! We had run out of so many things! Abby was awake the whole time helping me and fell asleep on the way home. It was perfect.


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