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Nativity Surprise!

on December 17, 2011

We went to the Nativity showcase in Pasco and I wrote about it on facebook too before I left because people always ask about things after they are over and are sad they missed it…
The kids created their own little manger scene. A nice lady was in charge of pictures and just sent these to me! Vincent is a wise guy (er, I mean man.) Olivia is Mary. Abby was in an angel dress and they were pretending she was baby Jesus (which seems a bit sacreligious to me…) Elizabeth was Joseph (because she likes to act like a boy sometimes.)This is the picture of them before dressing up. I may be bias, but I think these kids are pretty dang cute!I took pictures of a few of the Nativities that I liked the most (and because I thought my mom would like to see them since she collects Nativities and had her tonsils out yesterday so she couldn’t go see them.)
I really like this wood one. I like this wood one too. Mostly I took pictures of ones I thought I could possibly make/have made.
This was a cute little snowman nativity.
And the Precious Moments set. I like these.
The kids made the circuit checking out the craft room for kids and coloring some pictures, listened to a little bit of music in the chapel, said hello to my musical aunt and uncle who arranged all the musical performances and performed some themselves, had a treat, and then what to my wandering eyes should appear but…….NO, not a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer, but my childhood best friend, Desi! When I moved to Umatilla, I was four and we quickly became best buddies until I moved between fourth and fifth grade. We continued to be penpals through high school and were even at college together for the semester I went to college. She hung out with us for a while and we chatted (she’s still single, cute, LDS, and loves to travel if you know of anyone… ;)

The kids made their way back to the dress up room. Elizabeth as Mary with a pretend baby Jesus.
Olivia put on a scarf and decided she was an angel and swaddled Abby to be baby Jesus. I told her angels probably didn’t hold baby Jesus in the manger.
Vincent liked being the wise guy (er, man) before that that’s what he wanted to be again.
And Elizabeth took a picture of Desi and I. See why we were buddies? We used to pretend we were twins. We got in so much trouble in kindergarten when we were in the same class! Our report cards from then say we would always find a way to sit next to each other and talk instead of listening to the teacher. (I miss report cards that have real reports! Ours are just the same thing they put on everyone’s about what they are learning.) She even had a Christmas present for me. Check this out.
Do you think it fits in with my Nutcracker collection? Or do you think this special guy should just appear at Halloween?

One response to “Nativity Surprise!

  1. Mary says:

    so cool to see you and Desi together again! I think the devil nutcracker is sacrilegious…put him in the way back.

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