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on December 17, 2011

Our kids were up too much after the babysitter put them to bed on Tuesday night (while Andy and I went to his work party-it was my 12th one!) They were still up when we got home at 10:30 and they were still up an hour later too, so I decided that they each owe me two hours. I gave them chores to do. The first ones they did before school and then Vincent started on his outside job. Leaves. We always have SO many leaves and I am tired of them. I am lousy at cleaning them up, so as a bonus, we’ll get a few things accomplished at once. Rory was over and helped Vincent do this chore. I helped too. Abby was sleeping and it was predicted to snow the next day (it did a tiny bit). We have one garbage for yard stuff and another for trash. Lots of leaves…
It’s easiest just to pick up a handful and throw them in the garbage since we can’t put any plastic in the yard garbage can. A stool helped them out.
The girls each worked more after school and they all still owe me some more time.
We have been running all week. Last week was Nutcracker and my awesome friend watched my kids and I watched her daughter this week during the day and her son after school and I was catching up on the other things I needed to do that I was pushing back to after Nutcracker was done. (It’s like B.C. and A.C.) Tuesday we hung out with Rory and mostly stayed home to catch up the laundry and clean the house, but Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all crazy running around days. We took kids here and there and pretty much everywhere. I had to make a list on Friday for all the tasks I needed to do before I was done. I finished them, but was pretty tired by the end of that.
I know you like to hear just how busy I am every post (Yeah, right! Sorry…) First I showered and took the girls to school. (They get themselves ready, so I just have to get Abby ready now. It’s wonderful.) Then I picked up Rory and took her with us to drop off a sign a friend ordered from Shirley, dropped offf things at the library drive through drop off, delivered the three aprons a lady ordered from our event in Kennewick, went to JoAnn Fabrics to get some plastic for the I Spy bags I needed to make (which was the exact amount of money I happened to have in my bag-including change! $1.80) Went to the bank for cash (which I couldn’t do before JoAnn’s because the bank was still closed.)And then stopped and changed Abby’s whole outfit because she totally blew out. Then to Dollar Tree for pie tins for our Christmas goodie plates and shower curtains, Winco for groceries, gas, home for about two hours (wonderful time to load the dishwasher, check email, and work on the I Spy Bags (noticing that I was out of something I needed-SHOOT!) After the resting time (and lunch), we picked up the three big kids from school and took them with us (me and six kids total) to Walmart to get the plastic filler for the I Spy Bags and some Pam spray that I forgot. Home again to pick up Olivia’s ballet outfit for a birthday party which we took her to and then home again to hang out while she was there. I finished the I Spy Bags, everyone got dressed nice for a wedding reception, we dropped off Keone and Rory at home, and then picked up Olivia at the birthday party and had her change into her reception dress. Then we drove a little less than an hour to my cousin’s reception and then delivered the finished I Spy Bags to the lady who wanted them (I had to finish them because she lives near where the reception was and I didn’t want to pay to mail them.)
I told you it was a busy day. I came home and the kids had some snacks, I read to them, Andy got home from Nutcracker’s last rehearsal in Walla Walla, and then they went to bed while I finished packing up the things we still need to mail for Christmas (Andy mailed them the next morning). I had to clean out my coupons too.
I slept for a lovely eight hours in a row. I haven’t done that for a long time!
Thursday night while Elizabeth was at Jujitsu, I took Olivia, Vincent, and Abby to Kohl’s with me (Andy was at practice) to pick out some Christmas presents, birthday presents, and a wedding present. We did pretty good and crossed most everyone off the list after successfully finding just the right things (and saved some money in the process after my 30 percent off special discount and the already discounted prices on most everything we bought and the $10 back with every $50 spent.)


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