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on December 21, 2011

A friend invited Elizabeth and Olivia over Tuesday morning to frost cookies with them. I took them over and then delivered some of our treats to some friends. Abby fell asleep in the car, so we went home and the girls stayed there a while longer.
I sent the camera with them (because they like to take pictures and I like to see their viewpoint and I like pictures too-maybe you’ve noticed…)
Elizabeth was a help in the kitchen rolling out the gingerbread dough for my friend.They liked frosting them too (and even shared when they got home).Then it was time to get to work outside. Our leaves pile up so long because it always seems like such a hassle to get to them and do everything else, but they weren’t going to bed like they are supposed to lately and they all owed me some time, so while I finished up something inside they worked on leaves.
Olivia had a rock or something in her shoe while I was taking the picture.
They came in a little while later and rested/warmed up and then I joined them outside to get the job finished before Abby woke up and Andy got home.
I made a quick dinner and then Elizabeth went to her Jujitsu class while Olivia helped me deliver our treats (and Vincent and Abby were there too). Then we met Andy over at the class and we switched cars and kids.
I went out with our sister missionaries on an exchange and we visited with a few people. I love going out with them.
When I got home the kids were bathed and ready for bed and watching cartoons with Andy.
And after they went to bed, I finished the book I’ve been reading. I like it when everything comes together at the end. =)

One response to “Cookies!

  1. Mary says:

    Glad you are ready! You did get some great deals. I haven't made my Candy Cane Bread and since Nobody else is staying here to eat it for me this year, I think I'll have to pass. Give those happy kids an extra HUG from Me for being such good Helpers!

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