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on December 21, 2011

I took the four kids with me shopping on Monday right about noon. Why, you ask? (Because I’m crazy? No.) Because they finished up with school on Friday and I didn’t have time to do the rest of the things I needed to do without them (or at least it would have been faster without them). I figured that Monday at the mall would be better than Friday. They are actually not too bad. I take them with me just about anywhere (except for the OBGYN-when I have to go there….not now! They are uninvited to those appointments unless it’s the real ultrasound-but I’m NOT expecting or expecting to expect anytime soon).

I had some special coupons at a few places that were $5 or $10 off any purchase for a few stores and several of them expire this weekend.
Store #1-We went to the church bookstore (I had a $5 off there because my account had reached $100 spent there-Elizabeth’s scriptures put us over the top.) We saw my aunt and uncle shopping there. We found a book for Andy’s grandma and the kids played in the playroom (and cleaned up so they each got to pick a sticker). Money spent=$0 (the tax was canceled out because the book was $4.99 or something.)
And we were off to the mall for most of the rest.
Store #2-Victoria’s Secret (I like their perfumes, so I’m on their list.)-I had a $10 off any $10 purchase there and found a bottle of my favorite perfume there for $10 and we saw Andy’s sister there with two of her sons when we were in line. Money spent-$0 (It canceled out again. I love this!)
Store #3-GAP (coupon for $5 off any purchase from their facebook page) We headed straight for the clearance section-that’s how we do it!-and found a few cute things (secrets) and went to pay for them and their clearance stuff was discounted extra, so Elizabeth had to go and get a few more while Olivia made Abby a bottle. Money spent- .80 cents
Store #4-Bath and Body Works (no coupon that was worth anything good, but the kids wanted some of those tiny hand santitizers, so I indulged them). Three discounted hand santitizers .75 each + rubber holders .50 each Total spent= $4ish
Stop #1-Wishing Fountain in the middle of the mall- .03 cents The kids like to make wishes and throw pennies in the fountain.
Stop #2-The kid play ground so they could get some energy out for being so good!
Abby liked the slide much more than it shows.
Olivia wanted to help too.
Both girls helping Abby on the slide. She was hanging on!
Store #5-JCPenney (I had a $10 off $10 purchase coupon) We used it to get a cousin present for close to $2 out of my wallet that she’ll LOVE (I hope!)
Left the mall and headed for Kohl’s to finish the shopping with my 30% off discount. Spent close to $60 (and saved more than $150-like I would have spent that anyway!) there for presents for Andy, my dad, Aunt Nancy, two cousins, two siblings (in the little exchange at our house), a little something for Scooter, and an extra something for my present bag for those birthday parties. And I have $10 to spend after Christmas as bonus cash. (I already have $20 from earlier, so I ought to be able to get nice, new Christmas clothes for next year or birthday presents for the beginning of the year. =)

Many stops, but really not much $$$. That’s my kind of shopping. Andy says the store’s tricks for getting customers in don’t work on me (except for Kohl’s, but I always find things on sale or clearance already and feel like I get a much better deal than they do, although they are unloading merchandise, so they probably like it.)
We came home, ate some lunch, and wrapped up all the presents. (I wrapped the other ones the night before, but they aren’t under the tree yet. I don’t think Vincent understands how to wait and he would just assume that it’s Christmas.) Then I made some dough for our goodie plates and the girls helped me put sprinkles on and wrap them up (I make cinnamon wreaths and freeze them so the people we take them to can cook them when they want to.) We delivered some of them Monday night and the rest Tuesday and made another batch and delivered most of them too.
NOW, I feel very ready for this fun season and we can relax for the rest of the week! I love seeing my kids so excited to give presents to each other and loving to help.

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