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Abby’s view of Christmas Day

on December 26, 2011

I decided I’d just show you what Abby thought of Christmas. Many pictures to follow. Don’t you know that’s how I do this yet?

Daddy made us do the Ransom tradition of taking a picture in the hallway before he could check to see if Santa came. I just wanted to drink my bottle, but eventually everyone looked at the same time! Look!

Santa came! And he even left magic snow footprints! Santa left one present for each of us. The other new presents are from Daddy. He keeps them at his office until Christmas Eve and even wraps them there.

What is this? Is it worth putting down my bottle to open it? Maybe I can multitask???

With a little help, I discovered that it was worth taking a break from my bottle.
Maybe Olivia will share these with me? I don’t know….there’s a fancy lock on there….
I KNOW Elizabeth will let me eat some of these! I just have to be on the lookout! She’s pretty excited about them. I’m sure she wants to share.
That looks like a fun toy too. It has buttons and talks to me when I push them. Vincent won’t mind at all if I push them, right?
Is that food? I want some!
As soon as they do something else, I’ll take their stuff!
What is this? A musical book? FUN!
Pretty please! Let me play too Elizabeth!
Alright, I’ll settle for some ribbon. Who needs a new outfit when there is ribbon to play with?

And paper to eat?

And Vincent’s toys to snag while he opens more?
Seriously, I love this ribbon!
Why do they keep telling me to look at them? Can’t they see I’m playing with my new toy from Santa?
I do like this stuff though. Mom calls it Cinnamon Sweet bread.
All dressed and ready for church at noon.
At church I made nice faces at the man and woman behind our bench and they played with me for a little while. I’m so cute.

Another fun train? Awesome! I love things that roll and make noise.
Grandma Mary sure has a lot of grandsons!
I don’t think Mommy should have taken that pencil out of my mouth. It’s perfectly safe to chew on erasers, right?
I love my Grandpa Paul! He always picks me up.
I like this little comb. It feels good on my gums. I have six whole teeth now!
I ended the evening with a bath, pajamas, and playing with a fun new toy while mommy and daddy watched “The Help” and cleaned the carseat because I kind of messed it up on the way home.
Abby is eleven months old now and in another month will be spoiled again.

One response to “Abby’s view of Christmas Day

  1. Mary says:

    I see the SANTA slippers I gave you another year. I'm glad she got into the fun. That is a great picture of Elizabeth's Suprize! Olivia will have the softest lips now.

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