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Sticking to it!

on January 8, 2012

This week I keep with my new goals and that kept me pretty busy.

I read my Old Testament reading in the mornings and then The Book of Mormon at night with Andy. I prayed too before I checked my email (which is what I should have been doing all along!) I’m also nearly done with the conference issue talks from the November Ensign (I put it on the back burner to read December’s Ensign.) There are so many great talks in there!

I exercised by walking with a friend (or two some of the time) Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. On Tuesday I walked Elizabeth to Jujitsu a few blocks away and then walked to the school for the PTA meeting. I got a ride home to the bottom of the little hill near my house so I could burn off a little more. Thursday I did Wii Fit with some yoga and strength exercises for an hour (I was sore the next day, so it must be working!) Friday I walked Vincent a few blocks away to a friend’s house after school (and even jogged a little!) and I took the younger two grocery shopping (that’s exercise, right? I did awesome with price-matching and coupons and saved nearly $30 on my groceries too!) I’m feeling good this week and haven’t felt like I needed to nap as much this week either. Saturday night we had a reception to go to and it got a little late, so I took the girls with me on a lap around the school near my house. They were tired when we got home. Perfect. I did some Wii Sports and played tennis, bowling, and a little baseball. I even beat Andy (twice) in bowling. I felt GOOD!

I made my Temple appointment for the month and arrangements to switch with my walking buddy so she and her husband can go too.

I read to the kids a bunch, but more often told them to go read to each other when they were arguing and I was making dinner or loading the dishwasher. They need to practice more too.

I’m thinking about changing my computer goal to a few more times a day…I think I normally check in the morning, lunch, before I get the girls from school, before dinner (while I wait for Andy to get home-it’s my little break), and in the evening (twice?) Is that too much? Maybe. But, I’m working on finishing my chores and some organizational tasks and then get on the computer after I’m done. I’m too attached maybe…

This week I took Christmas down and it feels all fresh and new, I cut my hair, looked all over for my old set of scriptures (and still can’t find them! It is SO frustrating!), worked on some baby cross-stitches again (I’m still way behind!), did a bunch of dishes and laundry, cleaned the inside of my car windows in the front, had game night, helped at preschool, went to a Relief Society meeting, made a little craft with the girls while Vincent played at his friend’s house, took Olivia to a birthday party, went to a reception, and I even made dinner most of the nights. I felt ON IT this week. My bathroom is clean (I hate cleaning it, even though it doesn’t even take all that long!) and I’m feeling better.

This is my cart of groceries that I saved nearly $30 on.

I got nine boxes of cereal for about $1.30 each (not the best price ever, but not bad), six boxes of Nabisco crackers for $1.50 a box, price-matched Kraft cheese and milk, and had coupons for a bunch of other things that were on my list. I felt pretty awesome leaving with this much stuff for the price I paid. (Don’t worry. There is plenty of fruits and veggies down there too and a can of formula.)

Now on to the next week, but first, here are some pictures that Elizabeth took this morning. She wanted me to post a few of them.

Andy snaked our bathtub drain and took a break to play some of the new Zelda game that Santa brought him for Christmas before the sister missionaries came over for their weekly meeting.
The kids ate a lot of these Cutie tangerines (and so did I). They are so yummy and even Vincent can peel his own.
Elizabeth was advanced in her Jujitsu class and had two stripes added to her white belt.
Elizabeth’s Lego collection. These are Andy’s old ships that he got newer, nicer ones of. She has some others that aren’t up there.
Olivia controlled what they watched on tv Saturday morning.
Vincent made a cape out of a towel and Abby’s bib hooks (they are like dentist clips and I add a washcloth to them to make her bib.) He doesn’t care what’s on.
Abby is getting more and more daring and active. She doesn’t have to put much weight on the hand holding on now, but she’s still not standing up alone either. She’s getting there.
I hope you had a wonderful week. I’m hoping this next week can be just as productive for me. I have so much more to do and become. =)

One response to “Sticking to it!

  1. shaunie says:

    My new goal is to check the computer only once a day, usually after the kids go to bed. I'm trying to be as unconnected as possible, because too much connectivity makes me a computer zombie. You seem like you have more stuff to keep up with though, so if it's working, don't fix it I guess!

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