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Cocoa Party

on January 15, 2012

One of our friends had a party on Saturday afternoon for her third birthday, so after Andy and I got back from the Temple and Red Robin (thanks for babysitting, Rachel!) and before feeding the sister missionaries, I took Olivia and Vincent to the party. Andy and Elizabeth hung out at home while Abby napped.

Rory planned her party and told her mom just what she wanted. They rented this huge bounce house (it was almost as tall as the two story house they live in) and had hot cocoa and heaters outside.
Olivia liked playing.
The hot cocoa was lip-lickin’ good!
And Rory had a great birthday. She’s such a good friend for Vincent even though he’s 11 months older.
We followed that up with Andy’s talk in church this morning, Olivia’s talk in primary that she wrote and read by herself (except for three or so words that she needed help remembering), and the three hour wrestle with Abby because she’s so tired at church and won’t go to sleep. It’s much easier at home or even in her carseat because she will just go to sleep, but when we have to hold her, she just gets mad and distracted and won’t go to sleep. Six more months until she’s nursery “officially”. We’ll end up taking her in there (and staying to help) in a month or two, I’m sure. That’s what we’ve done with our other kids. I guess now that she’s sleeping after church, it’s time for me to take a rest before dinner tonight. Andy is making some homemade French fries and cheeseburgers.

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