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My mommy

on January 15, 2012

Today is my mom’s 55th birthday.

Do my kids look like my mom? What do you think?
People have always told me that I’m like her (mostly my brothers as adults now), but now I’m really discovering for myself how alike we are. Here are some of the good things about each of us (I think they are good anyway) and I’ll ignore the bad habits that we share. ;)

-We like the night life. It’s nice for us to be able to have uninterrupted time to do the things we want to do and the night is the best time for that (for us). Even when I was living at home we would stay up late chatting after school events or dates or just because.
-Crafting: I didn’t want to be a quilter like my mom and she didn’t cross-stitch which is part of the reason I wanted to do that more. She quilts, crochets, and so many other things. When we were all at home still she made each of us a scrapbook and a family scrapbook for her of memories.
-Cooking: My mom can make anything. When my friends would come over to do homework, they enjoyed eating dinner with us sometimes and we always had a treat of some kind. Mostly cookies fresh from the oven. (Yes, our house was a popular one to study at!) My mom would also make a few different versions of dinner when there were things that my brothers didn’t like in the main dish, like tomatoes and onions. (Guess where those brothers went on their missions? Guatemala and Mexico. And now they’ll eat anything, even the really slimy seafood stuff that I’ve never even tried, but it’s just gross.)
-Kindness: My mom was always such a good visiting teacher and friend. I do my best to follow her example.
-Spouse picking: She sure picked herself a great husband and I did that for sure!
-Sleep: Although we both really like to stay up late, we like sleeping even more (which maybe doesn’t make sense to some of you who aren’t night owls….) We like to sleep in or nap, if needed.
-Chatterbox: Yes, I get the rambling, chatting, talking a lot from mom too.
-Crying: We both get all emotional when speaking in church, at sad movies, or when we hear sad news.
-I’m sure I’ll think of many more ways that we are alike, but I sure do love my mom and appreciate her.
If you would like to, move on over to her blog and tell her happy birthday!

2 responses to “My mommy

  1. Mary says:

    I purposely didn't use that Picture…LOL! Thanks for your Kind words, and for not including the bad habits in there. I miss those old days sometimes.

  2. Brant is still a picky eater. He does like seafood but he still doesn't like onions, tomatoes, celery or anything else that makes a casserole yummy. I agree that you are a lot like your mom. And I agree that that's a good thing.

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