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Fluffy snow

on January 18, 2012

It snowed here. It’s big news because it hasn’t snowed since just before Thanksgiving. It dumped on our house starting after midnight and it’s still going pretty strong and we have several inches. The girls had a two hour delay, but we all got up anyway and I did my chores for the day and then the kids went to play in the snow outside for a little bit before I took them to school. Andy says he’s embarrassed by how little snow causes a delay around here. He grew up mostly in Boise and they don’t cancel for this sort of thing, but I guess maybe everyone there knows how to drive slow when there’s snow and ice?

They even went across the street to get our new neighbor to come and play with them for a bit. And then my phone alarm went off that it was time to go.

I suspect that school will be cancelled tomorrow because it’s supposed to rain and sleet on top of the snow. We’ll see…
Olivia’s always first to make a snow angel.
Vincent forgot to get zipped inside, so I zipped him up right after the picture…
Olivia held Abby while I zipped him up.
The snow bored Abby. She was ready for her morning nap.
“What is all this stuff?”
This is part of the fort the kids are building with the neighbor. There was a gust of windy snow and they were taking cover.
My attempt at getting all four kids in a picture. Abby was sad and ready to go inside and Vincent was eating snow (don’t worry, it’s fresh snow!)
It’s a wintery wonderland here! Time to go read or craft. I’m so torn all the time with what I want to do!

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