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on January 22, 2012

Today was the day of showers. (No, not the ones in the bathroom. I prefer to keep bathroom and bedroom habits private. You are welcome.)
Torrie had a baby shower this morning that Shirley threw for her at her house with yummy croissant sandwiches and cake pops that Suzie made. The snow started to melt a bit today, so it was nice that the roads cooperated enough to let the guests come and visit.
Torrie and Brad are having a baby girl the beginning of March and plan to name her Reagan.
I was super excited for Torrie to open up the gift I gave her because I made a ruffle skirt that I think is just adorable for Reagan (and one for Abby as a test. =) Here is Torrie with the outfit I gave her.I found the cute lacy onsie and pink socks at Gap before Christmas on super clearance and they matched the polka dot fabric (that I found at Goodwill in a roll for cheap and still have a bunch more of!) perfectly.
The shower was fun, although we were sad that Sara couldn’t come down from Cheney due to the weather being so icy until the day of the shower. We missed you, Sara!

Here is a close up of the ruffle skirt. I made the elastic in the back kind of big and then tied it in a knot so it can be adjusted to however big the baby is (or so she can wear it longer).

Here is Abby trying her skirt out. I know her outfit doesn’t ‘go’ with the skirt. I just had to see it on her when I finished! She didn’t want to pay much attention to me.
Saturday night we went to the baby shower for Torrie and Reagan at the ballet studio. Boy, was she spoiled! It is great though! They love her there. She’s a teacher there and has been taking ballet (and other dance classes there) since she was seven (I heard the owner say tonight).
Since I didn’t really need to watch her open presents, I organized the gifts behind Shirley and Torrie. Shirley wrote them all down and I folded up the bags and tissue paper and consolidated the fun outfits, towels, blankets, toys, books, and more into big bags and bathtubs. I am pretty sure this baby will be well clothed. (She would have been even without showers, I’m sure!)

A lady took my camera and took some pictures of Torrie opening gifts and snapped one of me while she was at it.
After the showers, Elizabeth and Olivia came with me to the grocery store. Fun stuff around here.

2 responses to “Showering

  1. Carrie says:

    I love the polka dot skirt! Did you use a pattern/tutorial or come up with it yourself? I'd love to hear what dimensions you used.

  2. NaDell says:

    I just kind of made it up. I used the ruffles out of the length of fabric I had and ruffled them and then zigzagged them onto a cotton tube with a waistband. I didn't really measure…I'm glad you like it. =)

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