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We Should Be Dancing!

on January 25, 2012

Sunday morning the kids were all dressed and ready to go early, so while I put on Abby’s shoes, I took some pictures of her (where she was taking her shoes off and not looking at me….the shoes stayed home.)

Olivia sat down and asked me to take her picture too. She’s 6 1/2 now.

She’ll be the only half in our list of ages after all these birthdays in the next week and a half. Elizabeth will be 9, Vincent will be 4, and Abby is turning 1.
The kids wanted to dance before church, so they turned on the music and made Abby join them. She liked it. Vincent came over to join the fun too.Sunday night at Andy’s parent’s house they put on a show for us too. They like performing for us.
Monday the kids had another day off (this one was scheduled, but it made a five day weekend with Thursday and Friday as snow days, in addition to the two hour delay on Wednesday.) We really relaxed all morning. Well, at least I did. I guess I do like having these grown up girls home during the day. I got up to change Abby’s diaper and then went back to bed and they took care of everything. After I got up for real, I showered, made cookies, dinner (to go in the fridge for later), boiled eggs, cleaned the kitchen, started some laundry, made lunch, folded some laundry, and watched some tv on the computer. It was nice (and much more relaxing than that paragraph sounds.) When Andy got home we ate dinner, had FHE, put the kids to bed, and Andy played with Legos while I sewed.
Tuesday I had to really get to business! I made my list of all the stuff I needed to do this week and it always seems like too much. It probably is. I have to write it all down though or it’s running around my head over and over. I like crossing things off the list when they are done too. Vincent played with a buddy here in the morning while Abby napped and then we went on some errands (and crossed four things off our list!) before picking the girls up at school and then we picked up a few more friends because their mom slipped on the ice Monday night and got some major bruising and needed to rest. We were going to take them home before going to the school’s McTeacher night, but Andy thought it’d be okay to take them with us too (and it was.) I wondered how many people thought all six of these kids were ours, but most everyone knows who they belong to because pretty much everyone there was from the school. I don’t know how I’d manage a 10, almost 9, 6 1/2, almost 4, 3, and 1 year old. I guess it’s possible…
We hovered while Andy ordered dinner and got a table. A teacher swiped another chair or two for us, but Andy was still standing and Vincent and Rory shared a seat. Olivia’s old speech teacher took this picture for me (She asked and I don’t say no.)
Dinner went well and everyone ate all the food. Andy eventually got a seat just after he finished his burger, but I’m sure it was nice to sit down.

They were so busy! Having the teachers help at McDonald’s brought in nearly a thousand dollars to our PTA last year, so I’m excited to see if we can top that this year. It’s a great fundraiser because pretty much everyone can afford McDonald’s, even if it’s just dessert or splitting apple pies or something. Some schools have Teacher Night at restaurants like Applebees or Famous Daves, but I think this one is best.
I dropped our friends off at home and Andy took Elizabeth to Jujitsu (we had two cars for all those kids anyway). Then I read to the rest of the kids, cut Vincent’s hair, and the kids had a bath before Elizabeth got home. Then I ditched them all and went to Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s. I found some new jeans for me that were on sale and a size smaller (hooray!) My old jeans were all worn out and I needed new ones.
Oh, I made Abby’s birthday cake too. I can hardly wait to show it to you (you know, if it’s not a total disaster…)

One response to “We Should Be Dancing!

  1. Mary says:

    Busy Day! Congrats on the smaller sized Jeans. Hope your friend is doing better. It's so nice for your children to have good friends you can share your time with.

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