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Abby’s Birthday Party

on January 26, 2012

Abby had a fun day today. This series of pictures is her trying to put these blocks together this morning. (I found that birthday shirt at JCPenney’s when Olivia was little. The birthday shirt later on was on clearance last year and I had to buy it.)
I love the little face Abby makes in the last picture when she figured out how the blocks fit.She woke up to help me take the girls to school, played for a bit, and then took a super long nap while I decorated her cake, made dinner, cleaned house, started laundry, and a bunch more things. She woke up at the perfect time too. One of Vincent’s friends came over to play for a little while and they kept busy playing while I did some of those things.

We picked up the girls from school and then dropped off Vincent’s buddy before heading home to do more things on my list (missionary dinner calendar, preschool printing, invites for the Elizabeth/Vincent family party, and more) and I left the girls in charge of decorating the family room for Abby’s party tonight. Vincent tore down a bunch of streamers and balloons Elizabeth taped up, so he took a long time out on his bed until it was time for dinner.
This is what it looked like before Vincent messed with the streamers. Pretty nice, right?This is what we ended up with. Elizabeth was (rightly) frustrated and kind of just piled them on.Olivia and one of her friends drew these pictures today at school. She hung them up on the wall.(The picture of the face was from a few weeks ago.) Abby took a nap until the party started, so she was nice and happy.
We ate our pizza spaghetti dinner with garlic toast made from leftover hamburger buns. The plates were pretty much wiped clean. I love when they enjoy the dinners I make!
Our game night buddies came over for the party, along with a family from church, both sets of grandparents, and Torrie (who got down with work early tonight. Yea!)
My dad let Vincent try his watch on. I think I like handcuffed Vincent. ;)
He looked like this soon after the handcuffs because he decided to grab Abby’s maracas from her hands very roughly (and we didn’t let him get away with it.)
Do you like how the shirt he picked to wear today says, “My mom rocks”. Me too.
Elizabeth was the mediator for the little girls. Here is the cake I made and decorated. I got a cake decorating kit for Christmas and wanted to try it out. I think it worked pretty good. I need to practice frosting penmanship, but other than that, I think I did pretty good for my first try with this set.Abby enjoyed the polka dot cake. I ran out of red food coloring and forgot to buy more, so blueish green it was. I made cake pops in my cake pop maker and then baked them into the cake to make polka dots inside. (I’m using the rest of the cake pops tomorrow for Vincent’s preschool birthday party.) I wanted it to be strawberry cake with red dots inside.
Abby liked when everyone was singing to her. She didn’t blow out the candle, but she did swipe a little frosting from the edge.
Here she is having her cake and eating it too.
Abby took so long opening up her first present. She kept wanting to put the tissue paper back in the bag. She’s a cleaning girl. My mom made her this neat pillowcase with her name on it and included a new pair of pink tights. We can always use more tights at our house!

After she opened the present, she started cleaning up the tissue paper.
Andy’s parents picked out this fun bug shape sorter that teaches colors, numbers, and songs. When Abby pushes the ladybug in the center, the shapes all pop back out, but they are attached with string, so they won’t get lost. We bought her this cat toy that rolls around and talks and makes kids chase it. It’s a learning toy too.Abby loved the maracas that we found in the dollar section at Target. Elizabeth told Santa in her letter to him that Abby wanted maracas, but he must have forgotten. Elizabeth picked out a fabric flower for Abby and Olivia picked a little drum. I found a little xylophone to go with the musical set that I pretended came from Vincent.
We sure love this little girl!

3 responses to “Abby’s Birthday Party

  1. Mary says:

    It was fun to see her on her special DAY! Glad we could come. I wondered who had decorated the wall above the bar…LOL. Now we know the rest of the story.

  2. Didn't you just have her?! Happy Birthday Abby! Good job on the cake, looks fabulous!

  3. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday Abby!! What a cutie :)

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