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His big day + me babbling

on February 2, 2012

Vincent had a fun birthday. He kept coming up to me and hugging me and telling me, “I like you, mom.” He opened this Cars shirt from us that morning and had to put it on right away. He loves Cars.
He decided that he wanted chicken nuggets and celery for his birthday dinner.

(I don’t know why he wanted that, but I put it on the menu and called it an easy day.) Elizabeth and I had soup instead. Vincent kept the bag of celery next to his plate and made anyone who wanted one ask for them.

Elizabeth and Olivia made Vincent this paper car piggy bank to hold his birthday money.

(A few banks were mysteriously broken earlier this month while Andy and I were at the Temple. Our kids aren’t good with banks.)
Andy picked up a few Cars Legos for Vincent. He got a bigger Lightening McQueen Lego for Christmas, but he likes this character a lot and wanted him. He didn’t come in the bigger size Lego. Andy helped him put them together.Vincent was all excited to play with his Legos Wednesday morning.
We took Vincent to have his pictures taken Wednesday in the mall. On our way there we stopped at Sonic to get Abby and Vincent’s free birthday kid meal. Then we went to Barnes and Noble for Vincent’s free birthday cookie. Vincent did a pretty good job smiling and hamming it up for the camera. He kept having too much of a cheesy smile, so I told him to make a sad face and it gradually turned into a good smile. Then he’d make a scary face and eventually laugh and it’d be a good pose. Check them out.
Abby had her pictures taken on Monday at the Walmart in Pasco. She actually smiled! It was great. Her pictures are here. There are three pages of them and they get better as you go.
I know you might think I’m cheap to go to these photo places and spend less than $10, but I am cheap and I’m okay with that. At least the pictures are being taken and that’s the most important part to me. I’m defying the odds with my fourth kid having her picture taken at the “right” milestones.

I went out with the missionaries Tuesday night because they needed an exchange to go and teach a lesson to a male investigator and they are always so appreciative of my saying yes. I tell them that I can hardly pray for missionary opportunities and then say no when they call (especially if I know that if I say no they will have to try really hard to get someone else or cancel and I’m not doing anything more important than building the kingdom of God on the earth. I’d probably just do some laundry or veg on the computer or something. Missionary work is important!) Andy was home and he read to our kids and put them to bed. I always learn so much when I go with the missionaries and this particular investigator is so smart and has so many questions and things to ponder that I enjoy going and I especially like hearing the sister missionaries bear their witness of the truthfulness of the gospel. Once in a while I even feel like I have something worth saying at the appointment.
For instance, he was wondering about repentance after death because in so many scriptures it says that your time for repentance is this life and if you die in sin, you will be bound to hell. He was asking about one of these in The Book of Mormon and I realized that it was the prophet talking to those believers of Christ about not thinking they can do whatever they want until they are on their deathbed and then repent. I think that someone who truly has a witness of Christ to reject His message
is a lot different than someone who sort of hears about some guy named Jesus from someplace, but doesn’t know anything about it. Because we KNOW as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we must treasure our testimony and do as He would have us do. We cannot reject His message. Hopefully that made sense. When reading scriptures it helps so much to know what is going on and who the audience is. Of course at the final judgement, luckily it will be Jesus Christ judging us and putting us where each of us belong knowing the intents and desires of our hearts and knowing that no one is perfect. (Least of all ME!) We should all be trying though.

I’ve decided that I’m a yes-er. I say yes to pretty much anything people ask of me (unless I don’t agree with it or it’s unreasonable.) I like it when people say yes to me when I ask them things so I try to make it happen when someone asks me. Maybe that makes me extra busy, but I’d rather be busy helping others than a lot of other things I could be doing instead (and they wouldn’t feel as good!) How do you keep a balance?


One response to “His big day + me babbling

  1. Mary says:

    Cute Lego Cars. I'm glad Vincent had a good Birthday. Glad you are enjoying your "Missionary" times.

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