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Singing kids

on February 5, 2012

 Our kids have been practicing their Primary songs and they sang them all the way home from Kennewick tonight. I had to record them to show you.  They were getting a little mixed up at the end.  They really do know that song.  I think Elizabeth was trying to be fancy. =)

I was amazed with how quickly Vincent picked up the new song (the one at the beginning). In the car he and Olivia were each singing a line and then trading. That’s why primary is so important. He’s only been there for a few weeks and look at his growth! Amazing.
Here is Abby waiting to see the new pediatrician on Friday.  Vincent loved that corner with toys to play with.

Elizabeth’s hair is growing so quickly!  I get tired to just putting her hair in plain ponytails, so I did that topsy turvy trick and took a picture so she could see it.  Her hair is extra dark because it was wet.

By the way, this girl is NINE tomorrow.


One response to “Singing kids

  1. Mary says:

    Unbelievable that 9 years have passed. I like the new Header too.

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