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This little girl had a birthday

on February 7, 2012

We started a little tradition of opening a little present in the morning on birthdays. Elizabeth opened these Star Wars pajama pants from us.  I was getting Abby dressed (see her crawling out in the hallway) before rushing off to drop the girls off at the school.  Olivia took these pictures for me.

Olivia also took these pictures.  Nice huh?  She stands a little too close.

 Elizabeth liked the chapsticks and glasses, Sara!

After I dropped the girls off at school, I took Vincent and Abby over to a friend’s house to play while I helped in the girl’s classrooms. Elizabeth’s teacher showed me this little division problem that one of the girls in Elizabeth’s class (not her) came up with.

 Just in case you can’t read it, it says, “There are 16 antelope.  They will be shared among 4 Bengal tigers.  How many antelope will each Bengal tiger get?   Then the teacher told me she was glad they weren’t working on fractions.  Hilarious.
Before I left, we shared cake pops with the class and they sang to Elizabeth.  I was glad to be there for it.  Her teacher asked her to pick two friends to stand next to her while they sang.  I think this is so kids don’t get embarrassed standing in front, but I also think it’s kind of unnecessary for a third grader. I guess her teacher knows best.

 Then I went to Olivia’s class to help. The first graders are so fun and have so much energy.
After school we came home quickly so Elizabeth could get something to entertain herself at the ballet studio while Olivia was in class.
Abby has moved up in coat size.  She is now nearly big enough for this coat and hat that Andy’s mom made for Elizabeth when she was little.

 This is when Abby was done with pictures.

Here is Elizabeth is this awesome coat.  We nearly lost that hat one time in Walmart and had to retrace our steps to the toy section where she dropped it.
Look how Elizabeth’s grown!  She decided that she wanted pancakes, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and juice for her birthday dinner and then asked if she could help make it.  

 She made most of the pancakes herself and cracked the eggs and whisked them up and made the juice.  I love having my own sous chef in the house.  She likes her happy birthday glasses.

She made everyone ice cream Sundaes while I was out walking after FHE.  They had blueberries on top too.
I really love this girl and the little lady she is becoming (despite her love of boyish toys and clothes and games.)
Nine years.  Wow that really did go quickly!

One response to “This little girl had a birthday

  1. Mary says:

    She's her Daddy's girl…It is nice she likes to cook now too. I liked the comparison picture of Abigail and Elizabeth in the coat, didn't Olivia get to wear it too?

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