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Slow Monday

on February 14, 2012
Vincent wasn’t feeling well this morning, so I skipped out of helping in the classrooms at the school and hung out at home. It was so nice to have a slower day after all of those busy ones.  I read half a book and napped and relaxed.  It was so great!  I didn’t even do the laundry.  Tomorrow I’ll worry about that. =)  I did pick out some potential outfits for Saturday when we go up to the mountain and get our family picture taken.  I decided on blues and browns.  Those colors work for everyone.
Vincent gave Abby an apple when he got one this morning while I was in the shower.  She liked it!

 She kept making super cute faces at me.  Video below!

 Vincent was coughing a bunch last night and had a runny nose, so we’ll try to help him hurry and get better.  He’s going to the doctor on Wednesday anyway, so I guess we’ll see then what she says to do.

 After school, we picked up the girls and came home so Olivia could change for ballet and Elizabeth was going to get her Valentines to write on but the only ones I had were Thomas the Train and Cars and a few random Tinkerbell ones.  Olivia was okay with Tinkerbell.  Elizabeth didn’t like any of them, so I told her we’d try Dollar Tree after we dropped Olivia off. (I didn’t want to take Vincent in the ballet studio, but plenty of people have colds in DT, right?)
When we walked in, there was a sign next to a box full of Jonas brothers Valentines that that was all that was left.  The balloons and flowers were flying out the door.  It was crazy there.  Naturally, Elizabeth didn’t like the Jonas brothers either (we don’t have cable, so it’s not like she really even knows who they are…), so we went to the art section and found some foam rectangles that she wanted to write on, some fun stickers, and some pipe cleaners. We bought some for Olivia too because I know she’d want to do what Elizabeth was doing.  I was right.
The girls hooked the candy on with the pipe cleaners, tape, and staples.  They did them all themselves while I made tacos for dinner.

 Elizabeth with her Valentines.

 We also picked up a few little things that Andy likes there.  Sweetheart conversation hearts, Tikipunch pop, and some fudgy cookies.  I’m glad we did because he came in with this for me!

Pretty roses in a red vase! They are wonderful!  Normally he picks some roses up after work on the way home on Valentine’s Day and while they are pretty, they just don’t last because they aren’t the nicest (because it’s the end of the day and they’ve been picked over.)
What a great guy I have!

At dinner we had quite the conversation going.  Vincent decided that he only wanted a tortilla with nothing on it (after he finally finished his lunch) and so I told him he should eat it.  He started shoving it in his mouth and so I told him one bite at a time which reminded me of that silly joke, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  haha.  I asked him how to eat an elephant and he said with a fork.  Elizabeth said it would take a really big fork and Vincent changed his mind to a big fork and said that he’d “poke the elephant in the butt with a big, huge fork!”

Then Vincent decided that he thought it would be fun if HE was a fork.  According to him, the fork would have a mouth, nose, eyes, ears, hair, and arms so we asked him which end would have hair (because no one wants to eat off the end that has his whole head) and he said his face would be right where the prongs are. It’s always interesting dinner conversation around here. At least they have great imaginations!

Right after dinner we had a quick family night.  I just had 15 minutes or so before it was time to go on my night walk with a friend so we sped through it a little.  Elizabeth was in charge of the lesson and asked if she could take over the activity from me too, which was fine because that’s kind of what I did last week when I was on lesson and I was in a hurry.  She told us a little about the iron rod and then laid down a bunch of pipe cleaners across the living room with the bag of Valentine candy at the end (representing the Tree of Life).  She turned off the lights and blindfolded everyone and we all took turns crawling to the candy.  We endured to the end and ate some candy.  It was great.

I’m so glad our kids have such active imaginations.  Life is never boring!

Abby is in a messy eater contest at Parent’s magazine. If you have a minute, go vote for her eating her birthday cake. The title of the picture is Happy Birthday.

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