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Happy Valentine’s Day!

on February 15, 2012

What a fun day to remember those you love and care about!  (Of course we do this all year, but Valentine’s Day is just fun, especially with little kids.)
How could I NOT have a great day with this little girl?

I went through the next size box up and found the Valentine’s Day outfits.  (With Elizabeth’s birth being right before Valentine’s, she always had a supply of hearts.)
Vincent and Abby joined Andy and I for a super romantic lunch today at Quizno’s and then the kids and I headed to the library.  We had some friends over to play this afternoon while their parents picked out colors, tile, carpet, and other stuff for the new house they are building and on the way home from school, I saw this cool box sitting in a neighbor’s yard with a free sign.

I had to stop and check it out.  It’s big.  I’ve been on the hunt for a coffee table and this one would hold stuff….maybe snowsuits or stuffed animals or backpacks?  Hmmm.  Abby can’t open it yet and that is a bonus!
The corner (pictured below) is a little beat up, so I think I’ll need to recover it with fabric or something.  Ideas???

Here is what the inside looks like.  It’s heavy and nice.  I like it.

Olivia brought a few fun papers home from school.  I especially like this one with her original spelling and my translation.  
She loves to eat chili.  She loves to play with Legos.  She loves it when mom plays with her.  She loves to wrestle with her dad.  She loves to play with two friends from school (She wrote their names, but I’m not going to. =)  And she really loves to go to school.  I love these little things.  They are so cute.  
Nearly as cute as this paper she came home with:
I love first grade art.  Olivia has also started picking up on cursive handwriting.  Elizabeth asked for a little notebook to practice her cursive and we picked up a package with three notebooks and each of the girls and Vincent got one and they take them to church.  Elizabeth asked me to write the alphabet in cursive so she could practice and then asked me to write a few words.  Olivia copied that and now signs HER name in cursive.  It looks pretty good too!  I tried to find her little notebook and couldn’t, so I’ll have to ask her where she keeps it…
So, what do you think of that box I found?

One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Mary says:

    Cool Box. Could you just glue a wide ribbon or band of fabric around the bad part to cover it? Just my thought off the top of my head today. The kids are growing up!

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