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I See the Sun!

on February 24, 2012
I love it when it’s finally sunny after so many cold and drizzly days!  Sure, it’s the end of February, but we are starting to have some very Springlike days.  Today we took off our coats and left them in the car while we played at the park.  
Before the park, Vincent and Abby accompanied me on several errands from the time we dropped the girls off at school (8:40) until they finished school early for the day (12:30).  Our neighborhood was having some sewer maintenance, so I showered before I went to bed (at like 5am because I napped too much Thursday and I just had to finish a fun book I was reading.) I took Vincent to a small playground to play while I read my scriptures until the bank was open, then we went to the bank, the Pasco Walmart, Kohl’s, Dollar Tree, Winco, and the library.  I had just enough time to go home and put the cold stuff away before going to meet the girls.  It was a full day, but very productive!
Vincent keeps taking his shoes off in the car.  This is while we were waiting for the girls to get to the car after school.

 I told the girls that we’d go to a park after school.  They’ve been wanting to go to this one again.  Elizabeth found some boys her age to run around with so Olivia, Vincent, and Abby rode the swings for a little while.

 Vincent and Olivia on the funny grasshopper toy.

 Abby still loves the swing!  I’m so glad!  I got some fun pictures of her.

 Olivia wanted to push her too.

Video of Abby swinging and chuckling super hard!  She LOVES the swing!

Vincent on the balancing toy.  (Yes, I ironed on and sewed around those cars.  Silly?  Maybe.  The pants had holes in the knees and the sweatshirt was just plain and he loves cars and someone gave me several yards of this fabric.  It worked out just fine and he loves it.)

 Vincent riding the four wheeler.  He said he wanted to be like Grandpa George on it.

 I found this coat at Kohl’s (my favorite store!) for Elizabeth for next year.

I was just noticing a few days ago that she’d need a new coat for next year and when I went to Kohl’s this morning, I found this one for $24 (normally $60) and all of their clearance stuff was an extra 25% off and I had a 15% off discount on top of that.  I also picked up some snowpants for Elizabeth that were priced at $15 (normally $50) with the same extra discounts.  AND I had a $10 bonus cash from the last time I went there, so the coat, snowpants, and a few other things were just $25 more.  And now we will be set for awhile longer.
Tonight we get to babysit some friends’ little girls so they can go to the Temple and tomorrow it’s our turn. I’m excited!


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