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Leapin’ and Splashin’

on March 1, 2012

The littlest kids had a bath tonight and Elizabeth wanted to take pictures.  After screening them and deleting the ones that were a little too personal, here’s a few I liked.

Elizabeth fixed Abby’s hair like this after she shampooed it.  Abby was rubbing her shampoo in too.  It was cute.  (Yes, I said that my nine year old was bathing my baby.  Benefits of big kids, right?)
Abby is a splasher in the tub!  Look at that water churn!  (The dark spots behind her are shadows, not dirt.)  She has so much hair!

Olivia and Vincent were there too.  Elizabeth sure didn’t give them much water!  They are all clean though.

Look what I’ve been working on this week.  I decided that I wanted to make things for our siblings birthdays this year, so I’m making each sister of ours a jean quilt and treats for the brothers.

This one is for one of Andy’s sisters who had a birthday in January.  I was trying to use up most of the squares I’d already cut out and trying to make it kind of big since they have six kids.  I think they might be able to all squeeze on.

At the end of February, I’m doing pretty good on my goals for the year.
I’m walking several times a week with my friend and walking halfway to the school with Vincent and Abby to meet the girls after they are done for the day.
I’m up to date on my ‘read the Standard Works’ scriptures in a year challenge and I’m enjoying it.  Leap Day was a day without any reading, but I sat down expecting to read and then read the Ensign instead.  And I’m praying before using the computer after I read still.  (I like that too.  It’s getting easier.)
Andy and I went to the Temple.
I read several books with the kids this month.
And the computer…..well, I’m on it a little less, I think.  I read several books this month, so I was not glued to it. =)
I did add a new goal of getting to bed before midnight last week though and I’m not doing that perfectly, but I haven’t been up past 1am as much and I force myself not to nap, but to do something productive instead so at least and that’s some improvement.


One response to “Leapin’ and Splashin’

  1. Mary says:

    Abigail's hair is getting long. You had a good Leap Day. The Jeans blanket looks good. Hugs from G-ma C

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