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spaces and faces

on March 2, 2012
Abby didn’t want to go to sleep for her afternoon nap, so she was hanging out instead.  (She did need a diaper change, but still didn’t go to sleep after she was all fixed up.  Oh well.  She’s smiling so big behind that pacifier!

 Abby is getting much better at walking around the house.  She is testing herself constantly.

This afternoon I came out to the living room to see this cute duo reading an Easter book.  Olivia was doing a great job.  I love that Vincent is ON her lap.  He’s almost getting as tall as she is!

I spent most of the day cleaning the house.  It needed it.  I’ve been too lazy about my chores and they’ve all piled up.  I cleaned the bathroom, washed the shower curtain and rugs, changed every bed, mopped the kitchen, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, constant laundry, dusted the living room, and took down Valentine’s Day stuff to put up Easter (early with a tiny bit of St. Pat’s Day that I’ll take down in a few weeks).  And I made some banana muffins too.
I sure hope this house stays (mostly) clean for a few days (hours? minutes?)  Either way, it won’t get as dusty or dirty as it was this morning.  Not tidy I can (sort of) handle.  Dirty–not so much!

One response to “spaces and faces

  1. Carrie says:

    Yes, I love that he's on her lap, too. She doesn't seem to mind one bit!Does the house ever stay clean for very long? I know what you mean about clean vs tidy. Yesterday I picked up the family room/kitchen area while the kids were eating breakfast, and I was amazed at how fast I was able to clean everything. But really it was because I didn't have to sweep and mop and dust and all of that.

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