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Baby Reagan

on March 4, 2012
We were able to go and visit Brad and Torrie’s baby girl Reagan after church today.
Torrie looks so great even just after having a baby!  Reagan was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long.

 Abby showed off her walking skills in the freshly mopped hospital room.

 I got to hold Reagan first. =)

 Olivia and Elizabeth had turns.  They love babies!  They are excited to have another girl cousin.  Reagan is their seventh girl cousin and they have almost 20 boy cousins!

 Vincent held Reagan (with some spotting!) for a minute.

 Andy held both little girls for a picture. Abby was sizing Reagan up and tried to grab at her just before this picture.

 Here’s a close up of Reagan from the picture above.  Looks to me like she’s making a peace sign.  What do you think?

We love new babies around us.  They are so sweet to hold and look at.  What precious little miracles!

On a side note, my brother’s black lab had NINE puppies last week, so if you are looking for a dog, let me know.  They are giving them away.  They are black and brown and appear to be full labs so far.
And time for dinner and then walking.

One response to “Baby Reagan

  1. Mary says:

    The only thing as nice as Girl babies is Boy Babies. Gotta love the innocent freshness from Heaven. Congrats to Torrie and Brad!

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