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Fancy dinner

on March 4, 2012

I finished my humongous list I made for myself Friday.  I was busy ALL day long!  I’m glad to be done though and not have to do those chores again for a little while (at least a few days for the laundry).
It’s so nice to cross things off the list!  I love that part of it!

Saturday morning I went to a bridal shower for a girl who I used to teach in MiaMaids at church a long time ago (when Elizabeth was a baby) who is getting married this month.  It’s so exciting!

Andy and Vincent had a little outing to the store this afternoon and some lunch together.  I love that they go out together sometimes.  Andy picked up “The Hunger Games” in paperback for me so I can reread it before the movie comes out.  I want him to read it too.  I think he’ll like it more than he thinks.  The description of the book doesn’t really tell you just how great the book is.

When the boys got home I left to do the PTA mid year financial review that I was supposed to do last night, but I didn’t get the required financial stuff from a treasurer who was working out of town for the night, so we had to move it to Saturday.  It took us about two hours to go through the questions sufficiently.

Then it was time for some fun!

 Andy’s parents both turn 60 this week (George on the 1st and Shirley on the 4th), so we had a big dinner with Andy’s siblings and kids, aunts, uncles, and grandparents at Tony Roma’s to celebrate.  Torrie arranged to have our group in the big room (and then went to the hospital this morning to have her baby…)

Suzie brought a birthday cake to share and Sara came with her girls for a short visit.  I had some decorations that I saved from several years ago when Andy’s aunt turned 60 that I put up there.  We had some delicous food.  The kids ate all of the food they ordered.
Here Vincent and Elizabeth are waiting on the server to take their order (they each had a little pizza and Olivia had a burger).  Vincent’s eye is still a little bruised from last Sunday when he dove off a couch into the corner of a coffee table.

Abby ate anything we gave her (chicken, celery, carrots, fries, broccoli, rice) and yelled anytime her hands or mouth was empty.  I hate that habit.  I kept trying to get her to stop, but it didn’t work.  Sorry to anybody who left there with a headache!
Elizabeth was kind of taking over the kids playing in the corner of the room.  I think they played freeze tag (but only walking fast).  This picture didn’t turn out the very best, but you get the idea.

George and Shirley liked the picture I had made for them of our family last summer.  Three more babies are expected or have been born before this coming summer, but the one displayed right now at their house is from when Elizabeth was 2, so it’ll be nice to have a fresh one.  I think they liked it.

Friday night while the kids ate dinner they were extra rude because (they told me) “tomorrow we have to have manners” and then someone else would say “NO burping tomorrow!”  They did a pretty great job and stayed in their chairs for quite awhile before running around and playing.  (Pretty good!)  We like taking them out for “fancy dinners” every so often so they can learn to behave.  (Obviously they all still need work, but we’ll get there!)

After we got home the kids bathed so they are ready for church tomorrow, Andy read to them, and I went on my nighttime walk with my buddy.  It was a lovely night to be outside!

And tomorrow we will get to go and hold Brad and Torrie’s new baby girl, Reagan (born tonight!)  Hooray!  This will make our seventh niece.  We have 18 nephews.  It’s so much fun!


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