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She’s got it in the bag!

on March 6, 2012
Abby likes to tote around bags.  She likes to grab onto my scripture bag handles at church and drag it around and she loves finding this enormous bag that I use for library books and swimming gear when it’s empty and putting full little board books and toys in it.  I love how she’s hauling it around over her shoulder here.

 She’s standing next to it in this next picture and decided that she needed her pacifier.  (That will be taken away at 18 months-don’t worry!)

 Checking to see what’s in the bag.  See how big it is?  Huge!

 And after she got tired of standing she sat down so she could really peer inside.

Today was a nice relaxed day.  I didn’t even shower until just before going to meet the girls after school.  Vincent played with Legos and Cooties and Cars all day and Abby played and napped.  I watched some of the shows I like online (I like being able to pause them and we don’t have cable or DVR and they are free online, so why not?)  I am also rereading The Hunger Games and then Andy’s going to read it too so we can go watch it together after the movie comes out.  (I also let him know that Lenny Kravitz is in it, so he’s excited because Lenny is his favorite singer.)

I would have skipped showering altogether (although I normally don’t ever!), but I had to go to the PTA meeting tonight and look presentable.  I like looking presentable too.  Tonight we voted for officers for next year.  I’m the Vice President of our PTA for next year.  Should be fun and busy. =)  I think my motto will need to be DELEGATE! It’s good to get more people involved and not take on too much anyway.  I can do that, I think.

My big chore tomorrow is to switch out some drawers with springtime short sleeves and put away some of the other too warm stuff.  Olivia keeps telling me that she’s sweating at nighttime, but that’s right after they both tell me they are freezing under two fleece blankets!


One response to “She’s got it in the bag!

  1. Mary says:

    I heard the weather man say not to put away the extra quilts just yet… winter isn't over. Congrats on your new office in the PTA!

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