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Bugs and Dirt

on March 9, 2012
Andy opened his birthday present from us this morning.  It’s a set of binoculars that have a digital camera inside so you can take pictures of what you are looking at through the binoculars.  Andy likes to look at old bridges and trains and things so I thought he’d enjoy these.  He took them to work to try them out and I haven’t downloaded the pictures yet.
The girls made him a card too.
 While Andy was at work and the girls were at school Vincent and Abby went grocery shopping with me, so when we got home it was time to play in the beautiful sunshine!  Abby loves the swing and the extra sibling attention.
 She hung out in the swing for a good thirty minutes.
 Then she was off pushing things with wheels (with Olivia’s supervision so she wouldn’t fall fast.)
 Elizabeth was finding ladybugs everywhere!  I’m so glad because I need them for my garden in another month or two.  Abby is looking at Elizabeth’s ladybug here while Olivia holds her hand.
 Abby had a turn to hold a ladybug.
 Ladybug crawling on Abby.  She liked it.
 Until she tried to eat it…. (The black on her nail is from a few weeks ago when it got caught in Vincent’s drawer as he closed it.)
 Poor ladybug!  And that was the end of that!
 Olivia and Abby dancing.
 Elizabeth found two ladybugs who were “giving each other piggyback rides!”  She made everyone come and see. (It wasn’t crazy hair day…)
I hope to have many more ladybugs around here this summer!
Vincent played in the dirt a lot.  Abby joined him.  
And then the three littles had a bath.  Almost time for Andy and I to go out to dinner!  Yea!

One response to “Bugs and Dirt

  1. Carrie says:

    Well, if the piggy back lady bugs have anything to do with it, you'll have lots of ladybugs real soon! I love the pictures – wasn't the sunshine wonderful today? Tell Andy happy birthday, and I think he did great on his prophet verse. I think he's right that they need to add a few more prophets into that song.

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