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on March 10, 2012

Andy’s birthday dinner at Famous Dave’s was delicous!  I ordered the same thing I got the last time because nothing else sounded better and I knew I liked it.  I try to order different things, but it just didn’t happen.  I love the Cajun Chicken Sandwich.  I know it’s not the fancy smoked meat, but it’s yummy and spicy and has onion ring straws.  The kids stayed at home with a babysitter and it was so nice to be able to just eat our food and talk.  It was relaxing.  Nice!  Andy’s parents stopped in for a pop and to bring Andy’s birthday present to him.  It was great to visit with them for a bit too.  Andy had a very nice birthday.  We came home, put the kids to bed, and watched “A Big Year” which was worth watching.  It’s just PG, which is surprising because Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson are the stars, but it was GOOD.  We probably won’t buy it, but it was worth watching.  I think there were two lesser swear words, but the plot is that they are all on a quest to see as many species of birds as they can in a year and beat the previous record.  I liked seeing the footage of so many different birds and at the end about 550 pictures of birds are shown next to the credits.  Interesting and educational, but still probably best for 10+.

Saturday Andy did a bunch of car maintenance and went to Costco for me before we went to a party for the ballet studio’s 25th anniversary.  (We were invited because Andy’s a party dad in Nutcracker.)  We sat next to George and Shirley and Torrie and Brad with sleeping baby Reagan (one week old!)  It was great because everyone who came past our table was super excited to peek at Reagan and say hi to everyone.  The fresh fruits and veggies were yummy and so was the chocolate selection.  Our three older kids were at the ballet studio being babysat by the older ballerinas as a fundraiser and we ened up hired a sitter for Abby (the babysitting at the  ballet studio was for 3 and up.)  I had a friend all arranged to watch Abby, but she called this morning and told me they have the flu at their house, so obviously we made other arrangements.
It was nice to get all fancied up and go to some nice places with Andy this weekend.

 Saturday morning I fixed Abby’s hair in pigtails because Elizabeth said I should try that.  It worked.


Abby left them in all day.

Abby likes to play with dryer sheets.  If I’m folding clothes, I give them to her and she leave the rest of the clean clothes alone and will play with one dryer sheet for minutes!

Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent each had three chore sticks to do this morning because they didn’t go to bed very well this week and so the house is fresh and clean.  I love that.  Vincent even had a nap this afternoon because he was tired and I figured he’d be cranky at the ballet studio tonight if he didn’t have one and tomorrow at church because of daylight savings time tonight too (spring forward!)
Sunday night we get to sing to Andy with the family and have some Oreo banana cream pie.  I guess I’d better go make that…


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