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Puppies and Playing

on March 16, 2012

We went over to my brother’s house on Wednesday night so we could play with the NINE puppies his dog had.  They are all so cute and cuddly.  We aren’t dog people, but we do like to play with them when they are so little.  If you like puppies, let me know.  I’m fairly certain that they are giving eight of the puppies away.  There are five black ones and four brown ones.  They appear to be full Labs.

Our kids all enjoyed holding the dogs and playing with them.
There were plenty of puppies to go around.
Olivia’s here picking a puppy up.

 Elizabeth really loves pets (but we aren’t getting any.  Andy and I don’t like pets that much-Andy had his face bit when he was small and I used to be scared of dogs and my dad’s allergic.)

 Elizabeth told us that she’d like a robot dog for Christmas since we won’t let her have one of these.  Robot dogs only eat batteries after all.
Vincent in his cozy fleece outfit and slippers that we didn’t notice until we were outside liked the puppies too.

 Abby really wanted to get the puppies when I was trying to get a picture of all of them.  She likes to “arf” like a dog.  I think she’s saying sentences about them.  I am not the only one who heard sentences out of her either!

 Don’t you want one???

 Thursday night Elizabeth had her Jujitsu class and I walked her over there with Abby in the stroller stopping by a ward friend’s house to take them some French Bread to go with the dinner some other ward members were making because their grandpa passed away.  I’ve been arranging some meals due to that this week too.
I dropped Elizabeth off and then Abby and I continued on a nice long walk and happened to stroll into a lady who used to be in our ward before our ward split.  We were able to chat for a little while which was nice.
We got back to Elizabeth’s class with about ten minutes to spare and just in time to see her sparring with another girl in her class.

They do everything in slow motion so no one gets hurt, but you can see Elizabeth’s foot off the ground here.  She loves it!
Thursday morning I taught our preschool mommy swap group.  The letter was V and after I prepared all the lesson plans and was going to bed it finally dawned on me that Vincent starts with V.  How silly.  We made paper bag vests, drove vehicles, counted and colored vegetables (the numbers were review of 6-10), ate some vegetables and Blueberry Zucchini Bread (super yummy and I traded one cup of regular flour for one of whole wheat.)
The girls have been getting home early this week because of parent-teacher conferences, so when they get home they take our collection of polly pockets into their room and play until about the normal time they get home from school.  I had big plans of playdates with friends, but decided to be simple and let them play.  It has worked out well.  Elizabeth demanded that I take a nap on Monday when she came home, so I’m reaping the benefits.  She even took care of everything for me.  She’s such a nice helper.
Tuesday Andy and I went to the parent-teacher conferences for both girls (our school arranges siblings first so parents only have to come in once which is awesome!)  They are both doing well and their teachers like them.  I love those kinds of reports.  They are both pretty much right at where they need to be or above in everything for the end of the school year.
I started using a site to track my calories and exercise a few days ago.  It is helping me cut down on snacks that aren’t good for me.  I’ve never really dieted before, so this is a great site for me.  I’m trying to keep up the good fast walking and water and fruits and veggies too.  I normally eat fruits and veggies and drink water, but I normally add too many sweets in with them. =)  I’d love some snack ideas (that don’t include hummus, avocado, or fish.)

One response to “Puppies and Playing

  1. shaunie says:

    For snacks, I really do like rice cakes. They satisfy my sweet tooth/carb craving when I have it. And they come in so many flavors. I also like a mix of whole almonds and dark chocolate chips. This one can get you in trouble though, it's not exactly low calorie. I also love vanilla yogurt with fresh or frozen berries, with a tablespoon or two of granola on top. Just be careful with the portion sizes! I also try to pick up a piece of fruit instead of sugar, and if I have to bake something, I try to bake a cobbler (lots of fruit), or something with sweet potatoes, or oatmeal and decrease the sugar content by at least a 1/3. You can substitute the oil in cakes/cookies for applesauce, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes. For cookies, only sub half the oil out unless you want a cakier cookie. Anyway, these are some of my favorite ways to battle the bulge.

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