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on March 17, 2012
Today I (NaDell) am sick.  I have an awful cold and I’m sneezing and coughing and feeling lousy.  Vincent spent the morning relaxing and watching Bob the Builder (over and over) while I read a book and then napped on the couch while Abby napped.
Meanwhile, Andy took Elizabeth and Olivia to one of our former Cub Scout’s Eagle project to help him out. He made duck houses to go at a park nearby. 
Apparently they had donuts afterward they built the 12 duck houses.  Andy took these pictures on his phone.
 Here’s Elizabeth doing something with what appears to me to be the pole they put the duck house on.  The houses are so the wood ducks can build nests to keep their baby duckies safe.
After Andy got home he went and bought pizza to eat so I didn’t have to cook (which is good since I wasn’t planning on it).  I hope I can get over this cold quick!  I’ve got to get some walking done to achieve my 25 pounds lost in 95 days.  I only have 92 days left!  For now, I’m counting calories and trying to eat better foods.  (Thanks for the great snack ideas in the previous post friends!)

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