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Seeing Stars

on March 20, 2012

Last week Olivia was the Star of the Week in her first grade class.  That means that I sent some pictures of her to school (she picked them out).  I also sent a letter that I wrote about her and she picked a few special things of hers to share with the class another day.
Thursday she had a lunch buddy.  Andy went to do that with his lunch box.  That part was funny to me because she was asking me what Andy eats in his lunch and then requested that she have the exact same thing even though it’s not what she normally eats.  I packed each of them a ham, cheese, mustard sandwich, carrots, fruit leather, and water. She did request no cheese stick like Andy gets. =)
She had a lot of fun with her class last week even though it was early release every day.
On Friday her class made her a star of compliments.  Each student told the teacher something they like about Olivia. I guess she calls on each kid and is standing up next to the teacher too.  The teacher wrote them all down.  This is hanging on our fridge.  She reads it every day.  My favorite one is the one in the bottom left corner from a rambunctious little boy who was sitting next to her desk for the last six weeks.

For the record, she’s supposed to ignore his misbehaving.
Here’s some of what I said in her little letter:
1. As soon as Olivia learned to walk, she was DANCING all on her own. She now takes ballet classes. 

2. Olivia’s favorite food is chili. Once we were at Costco and one of the samples was chili and she told the lady that chili is her most favorite dinner.

3.  Olivia takes good care of her younger siblings and helps them when they need something or they are sad. She’s a mini mommy.

4.  Olivia learns quickly. She’s even trying to learn cursive handwriting! Her big sister is learning, so I wrote out the letters for Elizabeth and Olivia and Olivia is always practicing.

5. Olivia is such a sweet girl and is always so willing to help her parents. We sure love her!

*In other news, I walked nearly four miles tonight in a tiny bit more than an hour!  I’m feeling good, although my scale says I weigh the same.  Being fit is better than worrying about a number on a scale, right?  I’m keeping up the counting calories and all that and the exercise.  Gotta keep chipping away at this!  I made a new little countdown gadget at the top of my blog today.

*While Olivia was at ballet Monday afternoon Abby was walking around a little and wandered a few feet from where I was to the door of the music lessons.  A guy was in there playing his guitar.  She just stood in the doorway (in her guitar shirt) and watched him until Elizabeth came over (in her guitar shirt!) and picked her up.  I thought it was kind of funny and ironic they were both wearing the one guitar shirt that each of them owns.

*I made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner tonight and Elizabeth always looks forward to dinner, but especially when it’s something she really LOVES!  She loved it tonight and had two and a half plates full (the other half went in the fridge.)

*Abby ate asparagus and liked it nearly as much as Olivia does. Olivia had about ten spears of it along with two plates of Hawaiian Haystacks!  My kids are like little locusts.  They eat everything.

*I learned the best way to store asparagus right after I bought some on Friday.  Standing up in a cup in the fridge with water in the cup and a little plastic loosely covering the top.  They were perfect tonight!  I love asparagus.

*For Family Home Evening Monday night (before my walk) I was in charge of activity and since Vincent was all out of control and in his bed early, he missed it.  I decided that the four of us (Andy, the girls, and I) would go around and say an animal that starts with A, and then B, and so on to Z.  It was fun, except I got stuck a little on U.  Olivia told me unicorn, so I went with that.  Then we went around again and said names of people.  It was fun and really got the girls thinking.

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