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Relaxing? Not here!

on April 1, 2012

Rejuvenating?  Not really?
(Sorry in advance about a whiny post.  I can do that once in awhile, right?)

Most blogs will be talking today about how wonderful General Conference was this weekend.  While I agree that the talks (or what I heard of them) were great, I never can fully get into them with kids around and get everything I need out of them.  Harsh, but true.  I read the Conference issue of the Ensign cover to cover and LOVE that and get way more out of it then though.

Saturday’s sessions were pretty great.  I printed out dozens of pages of activity pages for the kids to do while listening.  I wasn’t having to alternate yelling at kids and listening to talks (never a good combo if you ask me!) Andy was home and we could hang out in the family room and listen and some of the time, both Vincent and Abby were napping.  Saturday WAS pleasant and I even managed to plant the garden and then go walking after Andy got back from the Priesthood session.

However, Sunday was a complete disaster.  Andy wasn’t home (he was flying to go to a training) and he shut off his computer before he left.  No biggie, right?  Well, we use his computer to turn on conference and then listen to it in the family room through our surround sound because we don’t have cable.  So, I ended up on Sunday in Abby’s bedroom (smallest in the house!) with my main computer and four kids.  Not the best, but I could manage…  I set Elizabeth and Olivia up with chairs and TV tables so they could color the pages I printed for them.  Abby is a roamer.  Vincent was just trying to get into food in the kitchen the whole time and making me upset (he eats constantly and keeps forgetting to ask to get things out and then plays in the water or whatever else and makes a huge mess!  BOYS!)
Abby liked hanging out in her hamper with an old magazine to rip up.

I was sneezing the WHOLE day because my body does weird stuff when my temperature is off.  Finally, I walked past the thermostat and noticed that it said 66 degrees.  No wonder I was sneezing my head off!  Now, our house IS normally a little on the colder side, but not 66! I prefer 72ish and it’s normally set at 69 or so.  Who knew that 3 degrees would make such a huge difference?!  When I sneeze, it’s not just some little ladylike sneeze either.  It’s like a giant tornado sneeze and usually a few at a time and they break the sound barrier.  Apparently all of my siblings are loud sneezers too. =)   This helped give me a nice big headache.  Wonderful.

Abby was awake for the whole first session and actually it wasn’t too bad.  I laid her down in between sessions and went out to make chocolate zucchini cupcakes and French bread then and Elizabeth and Olivia made lunch for themselves and Vincent.  Vincent finished his food and then proceeded to go and wake Abby up after just 45 minutes or so!  SOOOO annoying!  I sent him to bed then, partly because he misbehaved and partly because we were going to a family dinner in the evening and I didn’t want him to be melting down.  I planned on him just having a little time out, but it turned into a battle for a nap.  Fun, right?  Everyone loves those!

I thought it’d be fun to paint some nails during the afternoon session, so I started doing that and clipped and painted Abby’s and then mine and then I had to change her which wrecked them (of course!) and so I tried to just do another coat which never works, but I hate to give up!  Saturday night I found my only-been-used-once fingernail polish remover all over a washcloth and refilled with water (she has wrecked so many of my things lately!)  Real Helpful…. Elizabeth did that and then proceeded to lie about it, so I sent her to her bed too where she and Vincent messed around together.  UGH!  She eventually admitted that she did it even though I knew she did (just like she smeared my mascara wand all over my makeup box a few days ago and then said it wasn’t her… suggestions for kids who just won’t tell the truth???)  Meanwhile, Vincent was kicking his mattress, banging on the wall, talking, and making me yell at him while I was trying desperately to listen to conference and I was trying to be quiet so Abby would go back to sleep (never happened).  Needless to say, I got hardly anything out of it with that terrible spirit listening.

After breaking down during one of the visits to Elizabeth and Vincent, I broke down crying and tried threatening to take pretty much everything away.  This is a great start to Spring break!  So not!  It can only get better???

I decided that I needed a nap before heading to Kennewick.  I couldn’t handle anything.  Of course as soon as I got to sleep, the phone rang a few times and I had to put on a happy voice for that.  Abby was still being cranky in her bed so I changed her, yelled at some naughty kids, and tried to lay back down for a little bit.  I don’t think I ever went back to sleep.  I was just too frustrated and I felt awful because of all that sneezing and headache and annoyance.  I needed a reset button about then.

Andy made it across the country.  Yea!  I wish I was there…

We ended up going to Kennewick for dinner as planned for Andy’s Grandma Ellen’s 84th birthday.  That part of the day was mostly nice.  I still felt kind of lousy.
I did get to see a cute little niece and a handsome little nephew.  Grandma Ellen liked the gift we gave her and the cards from the girls that they made during the second session of conference.
(Olivia’s picture)

Elizabeth’s said: “You’re as pretty as a princess!”  Grandma Ellen said that was the first time anyone ever said that to her in writing.  Olivia’s card was cute too.  She colored very carefully and even added a few coins in the envelope.
The kids played with cousins, ate their dinner, and had cake and ice cream (pretty much the redeeming factor of the day for me!)
(Elizabeth’s picture)

Abby has now mastered the stairs!  She went up and down several times with me spotting her before I left to gather our things.  When I went back she was hauling a remote up the stairs with her.  I took it back down and put her coat on her and went out to get the other kids (who I told before we went that they weren’t allowed to play outside today, but they were anyway without permission!) She was then dragging the remote up the stairs in her coat and took it to Grandpa.  (Good thing she’s cute!)

I came home, read to the kids quickly after I made them clean up their mess, called Andy to tell him goodnight, brushed teeth, and put them to bed.  I hoped they would go right to sleep since they didn’t go to sleep in the middle of the day like I wanted them to, but instead they played and threw clothes out of drawers, turned on lights, and messed around.  Thankfully, they didn’t wake Abby up this time!

Tomorrow had better be nicer!  I think I’m taking them on a nice long walk to wear them out!

I SOOO need a break and it’s only the beginning of spring break!  How many days are left again???


2 responses to “Relaxing? Not here!

  1. Mary says:

    Sounds like my life a few decades ago. We didn't have BLOGS around that time, thank heavens. I think that is was better to take you to the Church to try and Listen to Conference. The Picnics between are what you guys remember the most though, not the talks. I know this doesn't help, but keep on trying to play the "glad' Game.

  2. Ouch! I hate those kinds of days! You mean they dont' go away as the kids get older? Darn! Hang in there!

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