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All better

on April 2, 2012

I’m a little crazy once in a while.  Sunday was one of those days for me.  Sorry ’bout that.
Monday was a whole new day (literally and figuratively).
The three older kids got themselves up and watched a movie together.  I didn’t wake up until 10:30am!  It was wonderful.  When I went out to the family room to see what the kids were up to (bracing myself for the worst), I shooed Vincent out of the pantry where he was eating gum and then discovered that the girls were building a fort.  They used the chairs to make a circle and then put their big blankets on top.

I read my scriptures and ate some oatmeal and just as I finished, Abby woke up at 11am.  She skipped right through her normal morning wake up to her morning nap.  Perfectly alright with me!

When I checked my email I found some nice comments and even an offer to take my wild and crazy kids to add to her four boys!  Amazing offer, but we had things to do and places to go, so I’ll have to keep her in mind. =)

We were going to go on a walk in the morning, but the weather was still pretty cold so one of my friends didn’t want to.  We decided to do that another day.  I got a call from my doctor’s office and they wanted to check something, so I called a different friend to come over and hang out with my (now calm and nicely behaved…I hope) kids and she came over and helped me out.  I got through the doctor stuff quick and then ran over to two stores quickly (Easter is coming and I can’t take kids with me…)  When I got back to the house all was well and I decided that we should take her older daughter with us to the kid music concert we were going to.  My buddy was planning on running errands and having just one kid is so much easier and we had a bunch of fun.  My car was full.
Here is WHO we were going to see:  Wiggle Like a Fish with the Singing Superman.  The little girl on the right side was in Elizabeth’s class a few years back and I know their family pretty well.  We like to have fun and what’s not fun about a giant dancing fish?

 This was during their bathtime song when he sang about “How did the peanut butter get in your ear?”  The kids were supposed to be doing motions, but obviously only Olivia was playing along….  Vincent was dancing and clapping part of the time and Elizabeth just wanted to go in the bounce house.

 The event was for Autism Awareness and they had some little booths with prizes for the kids. Vincent and Friend M were working together on the slingshot to feed a rubber fish to the shark.

 This kangaroo game was a BIG HIT!  They had these cute little joeys that they catapulted into the mama kangaroo’s belly.  Vincent and Friend M were pretty great at these.

 Olivia likes to dress up.  Maybe you know that about her?

 Abby was hanging out nicely in the stroller and enjoying the music and sunshine.

 Elizabeth was picking up a rubber fish here, but it looks like she’s surfing.

 Inside they had some vendors with color books and pens and stuff and upstairs they had a few rooms for the kids to check out.  One was dress up.  Vincent was a fire fighter bee.

 The second room was put away by the time we got there, but it had musical instruments.
The third room had all kinds of sensory things like this big rolling hamster wheel.

 The kids (and I) survived and even had a great time.  We were there for an hour and a half.

 We dropped off Friend M and came home to eat dinner and then go right back out the door.  We walked the nearly two miles to the library.  I’ve done this several times in the last few weeks and it takes my buddy and I 25 minutes or less.  It took us close to 45 minutes.  The kids said they were tired before we were even out of our neighborhood.
On the way while the sun was still shining, I saw popcorn popping.  I love when the trees are flowering here.

 Vincent loves the edges of yards that have things to walk on.

 Olivia likes them too.

 Vincent wanted to sit down at EVERY corner and count to 19.  Why 19?  I have no idea, but if we interrupted him, he’d start over.

 Another break about halfway there.

 Elizabeth made a frowny face before this one, but I made her pose for another.

 My walking buddy is going to Alaska for a month and made me borrow her cool stroller with big wheels.  Abby liked it a lot and fell asleep on the way home.

 We MADE IT!  Finally!  I have pokey puppies.

 Vincent was so tired….or so he said.

We got home about 8pm. Abby went right to sleep. I fed the three older kids each THREE of the chocolate zucchini muffins I made Sunday while I read for a bit and they didn’t want to go to sleep until 10pm.  Maybe it was the muffins???  Who knows?  Anyway, it is now way past bedtime for me and plenty of fun spring break activities left to go!

2 responses to “All better

  1. Rachel says:

    i went over the pictures with makinze and it sounds like she had a great time. thanks for taking her and i'm glad that you had a better day. enjoy that stroller!

  2. Mary says:

    glad it's all better. A good night sleep and places to go that are fun keeps the blues away. My friend says, "Enjoy to the end" instead of "Endure to the end". You can do it!

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