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Babies and Swans

on April 3, 2012

This morning we got to have some good friends over and they brought a whole group of fun kids with them including adorable twin baby boys.  Our former game night buddy (still game night buddy when she comes to visit) brought her three boys (their brother is 2 1/2) and her sister brought her three girls over.

The kids all played well together and Elizabeth sounded like what I imagine a cruise director sounds like arranging the game.  I think the girls were all princesses.  At one point I looked outside and Vincent called to the girls that he was the price and he was all tied up and that they needed to rescue him.  He had wrapped himself up in an old jump rope.  He really likes being included in their games, no matter what he has to do to get there.  I am pretty sure they ignored him since they were too busy with the little girls who came over, but he quickly found something else to do.

I forgot to put on here yesterday what Vincent asked me while we were walking home from the library.  He asked me if when I stop talking if I am still talking in my head.  I think that’s a pretty good question, so I asked myself in my head (of course) if I do that….  Doesn’t everyone?  I don’t think my brain ever stops!

The kids had a good time and I even was able to help feed one of the twins and burp him and get him to sleep. So sweet and cute (and he didn’t even spit up!)

They all left at lunchtime and the girls were already asking when they could play with them again.  They really enjoyed it! We relaxed a bit.  Well, I relaxed a little while they played outside.  Wait, no I didn’t relax much at all…. I made chicken pot pie, loaded the dishwasher, did the laundry, kept going outside to check on them, and then finally after I made them come inside read a book for a bit before Abby woke up to play.  I felt relaxed though, so I guess that’s the same thing.

After dinner we went on another walk.  We walked one mile away to a place we’ve never been (crazy, huh?)  We’ve lived in Richland for nearly 11 years and I have been coming here for longer than that and we never went to this place.  I learned last year that our local cemetery has a pond with a swan and ducks in it and we’ve been wanting to go and visit the swan, but didn’t plan super well today, so I was warning the kids that the swan might be asleep since birds go to bed early (right, early bird gets the worm?)
Once I warned them that we might be too late to see the swan, they sat on the bench next to the pond looking out at the empty pond a little sad and then….

Guess who swam right up to the edge of the pond (there was a good fence there!)

We didn’t get home from our little outing until 8:30 or so, but it was worth it.  I sent Vincent and Abby right to bed because they were so tired and read a little to the girls before we played some Old Maid.  Vincent was playing Mario Party on the Wii with the girls while I made pie crust and turned off the Wii when he was done playing but the game wasn’t over, so I told the girls that I’d play a game with them after he went to bed to help make up for that and next time they want to play, he won’t get to.  One day he’ll grow up and learn.  I can’t help think how nicely our “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” line up with Elizabeth and Vincent’s butting heads personalities.  Fudge is always getting into Peter’s stuff and Peter’s reaction is often the same as Elizabeth’s is.  Maybe we’ll all learn something.
Time to go and fill some Easter eggs for a little egg hunt tomorrow with three of Andy’s sisters.  (We’ll miss you, Sara!)


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