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An Egg-cellent Tradition

on April 7, 2012
Friday afternoon we dyed some Easter eggs.  It wasn’t super fancy, but the kids liked it.  We won’t have time on Saturday since we are going to a cousin’s son’s baptism in the morning, Olivia’s classmate’s birthday party, and then the adult session of Stake conference in the evening.  
Here are Olivia and Elizabeth dying their eggs.
And Vincent with his:
I dyed these two.  I think the greenish one looks like a watermelon.
Elizabeth with her finished eggs:
Olivia with her eggs:
Vincent with his eggs while he peeled one egg to eat it.  See his little scraped up nose from last night?
Friday morning was so nice.  The kids and I just hung out and they played video games and played while I mostly read a brand new book that one of my friends wrote: Emerald City.  I just finished it a few minutes after Andy got home and LOVED it!  Check it out here or here or here!
Hooray!  I made it through this Spring Break week with Andy across the country.  I didn’t lock keys in the car, lose any kids, have to take anyone to the hospital, or have to deal with sick kids!  I sure did miss Andy though.  I know the kids missed him too.  Andy will post about his East Coast adventures after he has some rest.  He did go see the Empire State Building on Friday, so that should be exciting!

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