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Family Day! Hooray!

on April 8, 2012
Andy got home late at night on Friday, so the first time the kids saw him was Saturday morning.  The first thing I heard was Vincent running out to see Andy in the living room and calling “Daddy!” and gave him a big hug.  So great!
The kids were all super happy to see him after so long (not as long as some people, but long for us.)
Andy told us about his trip on our way up to Basin City (near Connell) to go to the baptism of my cousin’s oldest son.  I enjoyed the talks and lucky for us my parents sat behind us and had all of our kids with them at one point.  
After his baptism, they invited us over for lunch.  How could we refuse yummy lunch and the kids had some play time with their second cousins?  They made delicious lasagna, garlic bread, and salad and even had a chocolate cake.  
Abby ate a bunch of my lasagna and bread. More salad for me!  Awesome!  She was starting to get tired, but she was also going through my purse bringing me my keys and then my camera.  She was obviously pretty photogenic here:

 (Don’t worry!  We left soon after this and she fell right asleep in the car!)
The sister missionaries came over for their weekly meeting with Andy pretty soon after we got home and then I took Olivia to a classmate’s birthday party.  While she was there I did some grocery shopping ALONE!  It was so nice.
When I picked Olivia up she had green hair (with sparkles) and a butterfly on her cheek.  I took her picture because she had to wash it all down the drain at bathtime tonight.

 Andy and I went to the adult session of Stake Conference, so I ran over to pick up our babysitter pretty much as soon as I got home (and took the groceries in and put them away and threw a sweet potato I cooked yesterday into the microwave and changed into my skirt again…wheww!)  I ate my potato on the way to the meeting and we were there early enough to sit and relax a little before it started.  The meeting was so good!
My favorite story was a little parable our Stake President told about little kids when the first start walking.  He said that when kids stumble and fall, we don’t chastise them for falling or tell them they are no good.  We help them up and comfort them if it’s needed and try to help them learn how to avoid obstacles in the future.  He related this to the Atonement and how when we (even as grown ups) stumble and fall down (sin or mistakes), Jesus Christ is always there to help us back up and comfort us, and never makes us feel bad for falling down (again).  This story really stuck with me.  I think I need to be more comforting to my kids when they make mistakes.
Another story one of my friends who spoke told was about her ten year old daughter who has nightmares sometimes when she eats too much sugar in the evenings and how she came into her room in the middle of the night and how she (impatiently) told her to go back to bed and pray to feel better and her daughter kept coming back in and her tummy still hurt and she still couldn’t be comforted enough to go to sleep.  She even asked at one point to make a bed on the floor next to her mom and her mom sent her away (I understand this, since I’m pretty impatient when woken!)  She heard her daughter sobbing quietly in the living room where she set up a bed for herself on the floor out there and realized that she needed to show mercy and be her daughter’s comfort and not try to make her be independent ALL the time.
The stories comparing child/parent relationships are always the best for me since that’s the stage of life I’m in right now and they always relate so well to our Child of God/Heavenly Father relationships as well.
After the meeting, Andy and I went to Dairy Queen for blizzards.  We hardly ever go there and it was a great treat.  Andy got an Oreo blizzard and I picked the Blizzard of the Month (Caramel Pie Delight).  I just ate half of it and ate super slowly and then came home and hid it in the back of the freezer.  Then I looked up the ‘nutrition’ facts on it and ate another sweet potato to balance me out a little. =)  WORTH IT!
Our babysitter gave the kids baths and even French braided Olivia’s hair (I still don’t know how to do that!) and after I took her home, Andy and I put the kids to bed.  They are all excited about the Easter bunny.  We also talked about what Easter is really about and a little more about the Atonement and Resurrection.  As much as Easter is fun, I want them to know what it’s all about.
Andy picked up the family room and vacuumed (thoroughly).  I loaded the dishwasher and the washing machine.
The Easter bunny even came to visit tonight!  How about that!

The Easter bunny ate some of the cabbage and carrots and left jumpropes and yoyos for all the kids and plenty of treats.  Olivia is going to be a little sad that the Easter bunny forgot a color book this year, but I’m sure he won’t forget next year.
Have a Happy Easter!


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