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Easter Sunday

on April 9, 2012

Clever title, I know.  I think I should trademark it.
The kids got up before me and went at their own baskets to see what the Easter bunny left for them.  Andy took this picture on his way out the door to set up chairs for Stake Conference.

Olivia is a saver, so she still has most of her candy and will munch on it all week.

I got up shortly after and came out to jelly beans and other candy all over the floor.  It was obviously Vincent’s and I told him he’d better pick it up before I was done showering.  Long story short, he got his basket taken away.  Maybe he’ll slowly get it back.  In this picture you can see that he dumped all of the candy into the bottom of his bucket.

  I think Olivia took this one.  I  told them to take pictures.  This is the best I have of Elizabeth.  She had wild hair from her shower the night before.  Her candy was confiscated too.

 After my shower and after Andy got back, Abby woke up just in time for some fun.  (See Vincent in the background eating his Kix cereal?)  Abby had the best smile when I put her on the table to examine her bucket.

 She immediately moved the stuffed cat to see what else was in there.

 And promptly ate a Whopper Robin Egg.  She actually ate several and had some candy drool slobber on her sweater, but oh well.

 We tried to get a picture of the kids on the way out to go to church.  Three out of four is good, right?

 Another try.

 We had Stake Conference and the kids did pretty good for the first hour and then Abby was falling apart and had to go in the hallway and then down to the Relief Society room where the sound was piped in.
We came home, three kids and NaDell took naps while Andy and Olivia played Mario Party and Andy played Zelda and then it was time for us to go to Walla Walla to have dinner with NaDell’s parents and brother’s family.
Right after we got there, Andy and I were visiting with my parents when Abby tripped on my shoe and then my dad started talking about somewhere he read something about……and he was remembering the blog I wrote last night about what our Stake President told us at the adult session.  I send my blogs to his email automatically so he doesn’t have to come to our actual site to check.
While we waited for them to get there, we tried again to get a picture of the kids.  This one worked out okay.

 After the delicious dinner, the kids played freeze tag in the backyard.  Olivia was carrying Abby because Abby was “It” and had to tag people.

 Abby seemed to enjoy it.

 Olivia was “It” at this point and my dad was teasing her.  He’s pretty good at that and the kids love it!

 Abby figured out how to climb up on the toy.

 Abby liked the slide.  (Yes, her tights are dirty.  A little stain remover and they’ll be good as new.  She won’t keep her shoes on.)

When we got home it was time to read to the kids and put them to bed.  Tomorrow the kids go back to school.  I need to turn all the alarms back on with my phone.


2 responses to “Easter Sunday

  1. Looks like it was a nice day!! You kids have gotten big since I last saw them. I think it was Caleb's blessing!

  2. Olivia's hair is so long! The Easter pictures look so cute! I like to see the difference between Elizabeth's crazy hair right when she wakes up, to how nice it looked for Church! Miss you guys!

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