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Bake Sale Extravaganza

on April 15, 2012

I didn’t do a lot other than bake sale stuff this week until it was done, but now that it is, wheww!  Our school PTA has a carnival in the spring and it is our main fundraiser for the year, so we go all out.  We have carnival games, bounce houses, concession food (hot dogs, nachos, etc), silent auction, and of course the bake sale.
They were asking for people to run things a few years ago and one of them was running the whole carnival and being in charge of getting everything set (signs, prizes, volunteers, permits, etc) and another was bake sale.  I quickly agreed to bake sale.  I can handle that!  Handle it, I did.
But first, Vincent was bad at going to bed Tuesday night (getting out of bed and into Olivia’s, opening and closing the closet, turning the light on, slamming doors, etc) so he ended up with six chore sticks.  He was out of control (and I think I probably was too.)  Wednesday morning he drew pick up sticks outside, wash baseboards, wash walls, pick up toys, and clean doorknobs.  I had him put these old holey socks on his hands and then sprayed them down so he could get the doorknobs nice and clean.  Then he used them to clean the walls and baseboards and then they went in the laundry.  Worked out pretty good.

 Meanwhile, I was a baking machine!  I made 54 banana muffins (a triple batch!) and 140 cake pops and 10 cupcakes (with leftover batter).

 Here are the cakepops all wrapped up and ready to go.

 Thursday I went over to the school to price the treats other people made, but there was just one bag of treats and a few baking mixes, so I went home and used the mixes to make cupcakes.  We request either treats or baking supplies if people don’t want to bake.  I’d rather not buy all the supplies, but if people want to donate them, that’s okay with me.  Another friend of mine took some supplies home too.
I call this my tower of cupcakes.  I used every cookie sheet in my house! I made 92 cupcakes and 106 mini cupcakes.

This year the health department said that we had to package each treat individually, so we put most cupcakes in their own little cup.  I also raised the price of the cupcakes from a quarter to fifty cents since the cups alone cost almost five cents each.  Last year we had cupcakes on baking sheets and they were covered with plastic and then one of my helpers would wear gloves and hand the cupcake to the person.  It was easier this year without the gloves, but the cups were kind of a hassle.  Several people asked who came up with that and thought it was great that they were each in a cup.  I had forks available so they could eat them easier too.
I spent most of the day Thursday baking those treats in between taking Vincent to preschool and then picking Olivia up after school.  Elizabeth had activity day and Andy picked her up from that.  I threw dinner together after baking and doing laundry all day.  Simple chicken with seasoning and baking potatoes.  Then Elizabeth was off to Jujitsu and then she and Andy had a ward choir practice to help them get ready for our ward conference this Sunday before we had game night.  Thursdays are always SOOOO busy!
Friday morning when I went to the school to price things, I was pleasantly surprised by a table of treats.  Several big PTA helpers made a bunch of these and a few people even brought purchased treats.  Those ones in the middle there are cupcakes decorated to look like lions, tigers, and zebras.  They were much cuter before I put the plastic on.  Abby was chilling in the stroller back there.  This is the picture all the treats except for mine.  I didn’t haul mine to the school just to stack them in the conference room.  I took them later that afternoon.

 Here I am with my bake sale all set up.  Treats ranged from a quarter for a mini cupcake, one cookie, or one brownie to $4 for eight muffins.

We didn’t get as many cookies as normal this year, but my cake pops were a huge hit!  One family alone bought 30 or so to take home!  We ended up with a bunch of cupcakes left over, but our young woman’s organization at church is having a yard sale in a few weeks, so one of the leaders bought the rest of the cupcakes (at a discount ;) to freeze for that.
Abby didn’t have much of a nap Friday because she mostly just sleeps in her bed and we weren’t home much and when we were she wouldn’t sleep.
She sure was getting sleepy when the carnival was about to start.

 It took her 14 minutes of sitting there still to go to sleep. She was wiped out.

 Andy came and took the kids around to the games.  They each had a bag of chips.

The carnival was a success.  People kept coming back for more, so I guess the treats were yummy.  I personally did not try them all.  They are not on my diet plan, but I did buy a caramel brownie before the night was done.
After cleaning up I came home and cleaned my pans and finished cleaning up my kitchen.  What a mess!
My feet were tired, but the bake sale did well so it was all worth it, right?

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