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on April 17, 2012

I like to think that as a parent I’m helping to prepare my children for their future professions; however, I normally do not encourage their ambitions as a way to decorate my home.
Selection #1:
I did want to decorate his walls, but this wasn’t what I had in mind… (I do like his special name frame his grandma made for him though.)

 He fell asleep like he was supposed to after all his hard work.

 I guess this one’s pretty good.  At least I know he can draw straight lines?

 This one just looks like bloody fingerprints on the wall.

 He gave himself some nice arm tattoos and gave his sheet a pattern (but didn’t color on the new pillowcase Grandma Mary made for him).  Selective art?

Did you know that baby wash in a washcloth will remove permanent sharpie marker from skin (including under the hair?)  It does.  It surprised me since baby wash is supposed to be super gentle….It didn’t work on the walls though. =(
I looked up how to clean it in my “Queen of Clean” book that I got a long time ago (one of those rip off mail order book things) and it said to use super cheap hairspray (the cheaper the better) and that will remove it.  It did help a little, but the marks are still there.
Andy went to the store after he went home teaching tonight and picked up a magic eraser for me, so guess what Vincent will do tomorrow afternoon (with major guidance)?
That kid!

Meanwhile, Abby is constantly climbing on everything (including the tables and tv cabinet).  I haven’t found her on top of the fridge yet (Andy’s sister did that) and I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I think it’d be harder in our house without cabinets next to the fridge.

When is MY Spring Break?  I need one.  How is it only Tuesday?


4 responses to “Artistic?

  1. Torrie says:

    haha I'm glad Reagan is not old enough to get any ideas!! Those really were good straight lines for someone his age though:)

  2. Torrie says:

    I think you and Andy need a weekend away!

  3. Jemmett Clan says:

    Hope you had better luck than I did with Emily drawing on her wall. I used the magic erasers and had no luck (other than taking the paint off). Four coats of paint later and you can still see it (but not much). Hopefully he was able to scrub it out!!!!! (And even more that he doesn't do it again!!!!) Sooo frustrating!! And as far as spring break goes…I say we all just go, our husbands will figure it out somehow, right?!?!?! I don't even care if it isn't a whole week, just a day or two!!! Hope the rest of the week has gone better for you!!!

  4. Sarah Ray says:

    LOL! Creativity rocks! :)

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