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on April 25, 2012
Tuesday was such a beautiful day!  As soon as the girls walked in the door after school, they were ready to play outside in the water.  It doesn’t feel like April.  It’s more like June around here.  I LOVE Spring the very most and am sad that it came and went so quickly.
The girls like to put the slide next to the sprinkler.

 Running through the sprinkler didn’t last long before they were lounging in the sun.  Luckily, they don’t stay still for long, so no one was sunburned or anything.

 The girls invited a neighbor over to play.  She didn’t want to find her swimsuit, but she did want to play.
Bubbles were a lot of fun on a slightly breezy day!

 We hurried and ate some dinner before heading to the Fifth Annual Clot Trot.  We were too late for the tshirts that fit little kids, but Elizabeth got an adult large shirt.  Olivia didn’t want one anyway.

 We have been to every one of these events because it’s put on by the family of Andy’s boss.  It is to bring awareness to genetic blood disorders.  Sam (the boss) has four daughters and one son.  This particular blood disorder is Hemophilia and it makes it so it takes his blood longer to clot and longer for him to heal from injuries.
I took the kids over to sign up before Andy was done working and could meet us there.  He was late, so we started about 8 minutes after the group.  Since we were walking the mile, it didn’t matter all that much because there is always a traffic jam right at the beginning anyway.  The kids were getting impatient though.
Olivia ran to catch up with Elizabeth.  The little girl with the blue shirt to the left of Olivia was already on her way back!

 Andy holding Vincent’s hand.  These guys are buddies.

 Olivia finished first.  Then Elizabeth, Abby, and I crossed the line and Andy and Vincent were the last walkers.  Other people did the 5K and ran in after them, but I don’t think that counts.  We were still pretty fast for starting late.  It took all of us less than twenty minutes.  Vincent even walked the whole time!

 Our four kiddos.  They really enjoy the treats after the mile walk.

 This is Aaron who has Hemophilia. He did cross country and track in high school along with a few instruments and is super smart to boot!  He just got his mission call.  (His short shorts are his running shorts.)

 Sam has this cool old fire engine that he brings to the Clot Trot each year. It’s an attention getter for sure!  He makes the siren go to signal the start of the race.

One year Andy drove this fire engine in a Fourth of July parade and I was the passenger who got to pull the siren.  We were extra noisy because there was a cheer group behind us chanting “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey mickey!”  It was annoying, to say the least and it was HOT that day and I am pretty sure I was just starting to build Elizabeth that summer.

We hurried home so I could go on exchanges with our sister missionaries while the kids had baths.

3 responses to “Gorgeous

  1. The weather looks amazing over there. You guys do such fun things!

  2. Mary says:

    Yes the weather looks great in the daylight. The rain, thunder and Lightning comes after dark here. Makes the grass so green, I don't complain. Just don't want to drive in it again… Glad the kids are having some Springtime fun!

  3. We played in the water on Monday! I don't plan on having this weather stick around, after all, it is barely spring over here!!! we finally have blossoms! :)I love that green jogging stroller!

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