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But Y?

on April 26, 2012
This morning I was in charge of our little preschool swap.  We have made our way through the alphabet and got to Y this morning.  Since Abby was sleeping, I had time to take pictures.  (You guys know how I like to take pictures…)
The boys were so cute!
Three cute little boys making a person Y. (Vincent is in the yellow shirt facedown.)
I had three yard sticks (that weren’t broken-our insurance hands them out and one is old from a place we lived at a long time ago) and we measured them and they were all taller than a yard and then they checked to see how far they could jump.
They used the three yard sticks to make a big Y and then each sat in a section of it to listen to “The Crayon Box That Talked” book (it’s a great story!)  We talked about what they did yesterday.
We made some yellow playdough.
 And colored our pictures (yarn, yak, yacht, and yo-yo), traced our Y’s.
Made Y’s out of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and yarn and talked about yo-yos.
We had a yellow snack of bananas, goldfish crackers, cheese sticks, and lemonade and I asked them whether the things on their plates were yummy or yucky (one boy doesn’t like bananas and Vincent didn’t like the cheese stick.)  I spilled a little lemonade and exclaimed, “Yippers!”  They thought it was funny.
We finished with tossing a yellow ball and practicing our yodels, yawning, yippeeing and yahooing.  There was hardly any yelling.  I thought it’d be fun to go and play in the yard, but it was raining and one of Vincent’s friends didn’t come with shoes, so we nixed that idea.
The playdough was too soft or didn’t have enough flour to play with AT preschool (Darn!  Less mess!), so we put it in the fridge and Vincent played with it after his friends went home.
I love preschool!  Just a few more weeks until we have their little graduation party.  None of them are actually graduating to kindergarten, since they won’t be five yet, so we’ll see if we have the same group next year (plus one girl—maybe more???)

One response to “But Y?

  1. Jemmett Clan says:

    That's a lot of "y's"!!! I am amazed at what you come up with when keeping what you do to the letter you are teaching. When it was my turn to do the preschool that we had going here, I always had the hardest time thinking of things that start with the letter I was teaching. I think I will just say I got the "hard" letters. (really, it was just the lack of imagination…and maybe some lack of thought). Looks like you (and more importantly, the boys) had a blast!!!

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