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Ants Go Marching/Very Busy Weekend

on April 29, 2012
We started out our weekend early with Vincent having some time away from home.  A friend of mine homeschools and her two daughters just started doing an hour and a half of teaching preschoolers once a week called ABC Play With Me.  We signed Vincent up for every session (each six week session is $15 and if you sign up for all three, it’s $40.  It is a steal!  We may need to throw in a tip later. =)  These girls are 10 and 11 and taught Vincent and three other kids about ants.  They did an experiment on the driveway with food on the cracks and waited for ants to come eat it, sang the “Ants Go Marching” song (Vincent’s been singing it for DAYS!), and made this cute little ant out of an egg carton and pipe cleaners.  Vincent has been showing it off to everyone he sees at our house.

 I saw my friend on Saturday and she said she overheard her girls saying, “Vincent signed up for the whole time!” I got a little worried, but then she said they then talked about how fun he is and how he listened to them.  Whew!  Our kids are usually better behaved for other people.  He IS a fun kid, just a bit defiant sometimes.
I had an hour and a half to myself (and Abby).  I went to the bank and then came home and napped for a bit because Abby was up crying a bunch on Thursday night.  She’s getting some new back teeth and was mad.  I think I slept about three hours total.  I took a little rest until my alarm on my phone went off to go pick him back up.  Then a friend of mine from high school called and said she was on her way to come and visit us, so it worked out perfectly to visit after we got back with Vincent.  (I did arrange that, so it wasn’t a surprise.)  I think most Fridays I’ll take this time to go grocery shopping or take Abby to the library story time.
I had a fun visit with my friend and her super cute nine month old.  I didn’t even take their picture!  I should have.  It was so nice to talk with her again.
My mom took a quilt class here in town and then agreed to come and spend the night so Andy and I could go to the Temple early Saturday morning (last day it’s open in the month.)
We gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift early.

It’s a photo book from My Publisher with all of the grandkids.  (My Publisher has a free $20 book for anyone who signs up for an account and you just have to pay the $8 shipping.) I asked each sibling to send pictures of their kids to me and to keep it a secret. There is a page for each grandkid with a baby picture and a current picture and their name and birthday.  I only messed up one middle name, so I think I did pretty good. There is a page with each set of siblings in their own picture and more in the back of the book with most of the group shots we have taken.  We don’t have any of all of the kids together because one of them lives in Ohio and we haven’t ever met him.  One day we will.  My parents have met him.  My mom really likes pictures and no one is pregnant now (I don’t think-not me!), so this was a good year to make this.

I chatted with a neighbor before my mom and I took the kids with us to the grocery store.  I asked him about our glass shelf in the fridge that I broke last Thanksgiving.  He fixes appliances and immediately called a guy to see what it would cost.  He told me it’d only be $20 for the actual fridge piece of glass that goes all the way across our fridge.  I think even plexiglass would cost more than that.  He said he’d order it and it should be here Tuesday.

A friend of mine wrote a Shakespearean play that was performed locally that my mom mentioned that she wanted to go to.  We were having game night (recently changed days again) and an out of town guest, so I told her she could take my girls.  She brought three dresses that she made for me and my sister and Elizabeth’s wearing one of my old dresses here.  My cousin had a dress like this when she was in a HS pageant when I was little and my mom made it for me then so I could be like my older red-headed cousin.
The girls had a special night out with Grandma.

My visiting teacher dropped by with cupcakes and my mom made cream puffs, so we even had yummy treats. We enjoyed our game night and ended up having an in town guest who is an infrequent visitor who came over to visit with our other friend who was one of our original game night friends before he moved to Hawaii and then the other side of the State, married, and settled over there.  He still comes to see his mom sometimes and calls us if he has an evening available to play games.  We laughed and laughed and had a good time.

Andy and I went to the 8:15 am session at the Temple so we could get home and do the other things on the calendar.  It was a very nice session (of course!) and so nice to go together.
When we were done there, we went to Costco and then the car wash before heading home to find four happy kids and my mom who seemed happy too (although I’m sure she was ready to head out).  While we were away, my mom taught Olivia how to make a yoyo (circle fabric with stitching around the outside and then you pull the thread to make a little puff.)  Olivia is making little pin cushions to sell at a friends kiddie craft sale.  Friday night my mom assisted Elizabeth while she hand stitched a Barbie dress to sell.  When we got home, they said they lost a needle, so we vacuumed and searched the vacuum dust, but didn’t see it, so hopefully it was just hiding in the dust someplace.
I had to quickly change into jeans before going to a friend’s baby shower.  (Do I have too many friends?  Never!)  This is her fifth child and fourth boy, but it has been awhile since the last one (five years).  It’s always fun to have a party with friends.  The super nice lady who hosted it had a brunch all set up.  I love the low key showers without the worry of decorations or goodie bags or games or prizes.  I’d much rather the host spend her energy making delicious food.  That’s what this friend does.  YUM!

Here I am with my friend, Valaney.  She didn’t want her pregnant belly online, so I cropped it. =)

When I got home Andy and I met with the sister missionaries for our weekly meeting.  Then I had a little break while Andy ran an errand or two and then I went to the library quickly, came home for a bit, talked with neighbors, and then Andy and I were off to our date.  We had delicious Mexican food before going to our Stake Adult Talent Show.  Andy was the emcee.

 And he was in a skit from our ward too.  It was set up so each ward had one act perform so it wouldn’t be too long.  Their skit was a guy in a chair watching tv with a big remote (he’s not in this picture, but the tv is over there on the right side) and he changes the channels to each of these characters and they sort of finish each other’s sentences and it’s funny.  The lady on the left is a British cook, then Andy is a Boy Scout, a very energetic fitness dude, a grandma story lady, a sportscaster, and a gangster.

 Andy had this shirt from when we were Cub Scout leaders a few years ago and borrowed the hat from his dad.  It used to be Andy’s grandpa’s Corp of Engineers hat.  Andy used a funny voice (and so did the fitness guy-think Richard Simmons) and got a lot of laughs.  Someone else is supposed to send me the video, so I’ll post that when I get it.

 Our babysitter bathed the kids, fed them, watched the new Muppets movie, and then was playing Candyland with them when we got home.  Abby kept trying to sit in the middle of the board.  She thinks she’s a star.  The kids had a great time!
We tucked the kids into bed and I spent about 20 minutes cutting, scouring ads, and arranging coupons before I headed out to the store. I had a bunch of coupons that were expiring and deals to be had.  I got this whole picture of stuff for $27.58.  It’s normally closer to $50.  I only paid regular price for the eyelash curler and Andy’s pop and those two things were $7.  I had a coupon or price matched for everything else.

Here’s my breakdown:
-The two Head and Shoulders shampoos (Andy uses that) were buy one get one free and I price matched, so I got them both for $5.99.
-Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta were .08 cents each because I had two dollar off coupons.
-Pomegranate Crasins were $1.88 each, but I had $1 off each bag, making them 88 cents each.
-The Jello was $2.98, but I had a $1 off coupon.
-Eclipse gum was buy one get one free, so I spent 96 cents for both of them.
-Green Onions are normally $1.28 and I had a $1 off coupon so they were just 28 cents each.
-The Ocean Spray juice is $2.98 each and I used my two buy one get one free coupons to get all four of them for $5.96.
-Ken’s Dressing was on sale at a different store for 99 cents so I price matched at Walmart and then I had two $1 off coupons, so I made 2 cents buying them.
-Blue Bonnet was 88 cents at a different store, so I price matched that twice.

I felt awesome when I got home and had to spread it all out on the table for Andy to guess how much I spent on all of it.
Buying it at the store was a pain because the cashier kept ringing up the shampoo wrong and messed up her computer so we had to start over.  She rang them up as $2.99 and $3 instead of both as the $5.99 she was supposed to do before subtracting the $5.99 with the coupon and then she’d get all messed up and try to ring it up again charging me more.  She finally canceled it all and started over and did it right. I know the $2.99 and $3 makes sense that that’s what I pay, but that’s not how you ring it up.  It just doesn’t make sense when you use the coupon then.  She had to call the manager guy over a few times.  I’m pretty sure some people behind me were annoyed with me, but it wasn’t me.  I DID let three people go ahead of me who were together and each just had a few things while I arranged my stuff on the counter and I didn’t go in the lane with the cigarettes.  The people who kept getting huffy at me had a whole cart of stuff anyway.  Whatever.  I saved almost half of what I spent and felt great (couponer’s high)!  Next time, I won’t go in that cashier’s lane though.  She had a rough time with it.

Sunday morning Andy went early for a PPI with the Bishop and then came home and we all got ready (well, they all did.  I slept in because Abby woke me up at 6:30 again and I had to search the house for her special blanket.)  We got there in time for Andy to practice with the ward choir and Vincent and I went to the library to get a picture of a cow for his primary “Family History Moment”.  He told this story about my dad that my mom shared with us on Friday:

“When Grandpa Paul was a little boy like me, he would get all the cows to the barn and to their stalls where his dad would milk them twice a day.  He knew all their names and where they were always milked.  By the time he was seven years old, he DROVE a tractor!  I love Grandpa Paul.”

I helped Vincent with his part and I subbed Olivia’s class while Andy taught the Gospel Principles class and then had a part in the fifth Sunday combined adult class for the third hour.  Abby was held by one of our friends during Primary and then ran around the class crying while I tried to teach the lesson.  Some of the kids got it, I hope.  I also made some compassionate service dinner plans.  Man, we are so busy.  I’m glad to be done subbing in the Primary.  I think I need a few weeks off from that.  Time for my Sunday nap….or dinner since it’s almost 5pm and Abby just woke up?  Hmmm, what to make?  I think I’ll have Elizabeth make Hamburger Helper from our stash of food. Easy, peasy.  And off to the next week!


3 responses to “Ants Go Marching/Very Busy Weekend

  1. Mary says:

    I remembered that it was when a Hired man came and tried to put the cows in a different place that dad told him where they went. Yes, I was ready to go, but sorry we had lost the needle. The kids were good.

  2. Rachel says:

    So much is happening. You don't want to sub anymore eh? I miss you and your busyness, get ready to walk your booty off soon!

  3. So much is always happening over here, Rachel.I think I'll be ready to sub again in three months when Abby is in nursery. She's just too much.I cannot wait to walk. I need to.

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