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on May 2, 2012
My dad’s parents celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary on Monday.  What great examples they have been to me as I grew up and even still!  Here is the wedding photo of Grandma Zora and Grandpa Gordon (I always called them Grandma and Grandpa Crowther, but it’s easier for our kids to know which set is which with their first names).

 They were married April 30, 1953 in the Salt Lake City Temple.  Grandma was 29 and Grandpa was 28.  You read that right.  Grandma is older than Grandpa.  I kind of think of her as making her own path because at a time when so many marriages started young, she went to college, worked as a secretary (doing typewriting and shorthand), and went on a mission to New York before meeting and marrying Grandpa.  Meanwhile, Grandpa joined the Army right after high school and served in WWII before he went on a mission in midwestern U.S.  Grandma and Grandpa met IN the SLC Temple when Grandpa went with his sister Valeea.  Valeea and Zora served their missions together and Valeea introduced them.  I think it worked. =)
Here is one of my favorite pictures of Grandma and Grandpa from last summer.  Grandpa still opens the door for Grandma.  Grandpa likes to tease the great-grandkids with his cane too.

 Here’s a better picture of them.  I think this is from one of my cousin’s wedding receptions last year.
I love these two!

Monday I normally go and help in Elizabeth’s and Olivia’s classrooms, but the lady I trade with had a sick kid, so instead of trying to find a replacement, I went to the lunch at Granny’s Buffet that we were invited to. Grandpa had a doctor appointment in town that day (and surgery on Friday), so we all met there.  It was great to see several cousins, aunts, and, of course, Grandpa and Grandma.
Vincent ate most of his regular food, so he got a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Abby ate everything Vincent didn’t eat and more off my plate and even some of my mom’s food.  She definitely earned a cookie (and she ate the whole thing!)

I had some chocolate pudding (less calories and all that for my challenge.)
Here’s one picture of me with my grandparents and two kids.  Grandpa was tickling Vincent.

We enjoyed seeing them and celebrating their 59 years!


2 responses to “59 YEARS!

  1. Mary says:

    Your picture turned out much better than mine of you with G-ma and G-pa. I'm so glad you have good memories of them. I know I couldn't have better In-laws! Thanks for coming, it helped our family representation…

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