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Prayers, Picnic, Swan

on May 8, 2012
Sunday was a fairly nice day even though Andy was driving to Canada for work and I went to church with the kids. (Maybe it was nice BECAUSE of that.  Probably.)
We sat behind the bishop’s wife who is awesome and fabulous and she held Abby at the end of Sacrament meeting when she tried to run away and kept her quiet.  I told her we now have a new spot. (I did spy an “Angry Birds” game on her phone to keep Abby happy.)
A few people went up to bear their testimonies and passed their kids off to the bishopric when they were trying to grab the microphone, so when Janna was holding Abby, I decided I had no excuse to keep sitting and had to share our experience Saturday.
Andy called me on Friday about 4:30 and told me that he needed to go to Canada on Sunday to fix something for one of their customers.  He asked me if I knew where his birth certificate was.  I told him that I’d never seen it and that his parents still had it (truth.)  Saturday night he started really searching for it.  We don’t have passports or enhanced licenses, but he called to see what he needed and they told him just his license and birth certificate would do. 
Surprisingly (to him), it wasn’t in our safe behind the tab “birth, marriage certificates” or behind any of the other tabs that have all of mine and the kids important papers.  I already knew that, but he kept looking.
His mom and dad were also looking at their house.  Andy looked in his computer room in his drawers and even through a box of his mission/college papers.  While he looked, the phone rang and Shirley told him that she found his birth certificate and she and George brought it right over.
Andy told the kids that about five minutes before he said a prayer to be able to find it.
When they got here, they told how they also said a prayer and then looked again in one of their file cabinet drawers that they had already looked in three times and discovered that there was another section of files at the back that they didn’t notice before.  Guess what was there?  Andy’s birth certificate.
Heavenly Father really does answer prayers.  
Andy got up there and they let him into the country just fine and he went and did his work.
Meanwhile, after church the kids and I came home, Abby and I napped and the older kids played quietly (not normal, but I’ll take it!) Then we headed to Kennewick for Sunday dinner and cake for Torrie’s birthday.  We always enjoy our visits with family.  We came back home in time for me to read to the kids and get them to bed before a tv show started that I like to watch.  
Our house was a disaster from the weekend and my busy week of making crafts, so I loaded the dishwasher, sorted laundry, vacuumed all kinds of stuff up from our family room carpet, swept and mopped the kitchen, cleaned the bathtub, and made two little girl’s lunch.  Most of this I did during commercial breaks.
Monday morning I help at the school in Elizabeth’s and Olivia’s classrooms, so after I dropped them off at school, I dropped Vincent and Abby off at my friend’s house.  Then I remembered that I didn’t take my allergy pill, so I ran home to get one (otherwise, I sneeze like a crazy person and have a terrible runny nose.) and while I was home I checked my email.  I had one from Elizabeth’s teacher telling me she didn’t need me to help in her class because they were just doing some review and that I could take the day off.  I called a friend who lives close to the school to see if I could visit with her for a bit before helping in Olivia’s class.  She had to drop her daughter off somewhere and would be back in a half hour, so I read my scriptures until she was back.  (Andy and I are more than 500 pages into the Old Testament and more than 300 into the Book of Mormon!)
We had a very nice visit until it was time to go back and help Olivia’s teacher.  I miss visiting with her more.
I picked up Vincent and Abby, fed them lunch at home, put Abby down for her nap, and headed outside to weed.  I have a lot of catching up to do because I was working on other things for the last month or so.  I weeded for more than an hour just along my lilacs.  If I just work for an hour every day, I’ll catch up this week (I hope!)  I still need to clean up my front and side flowerbeds, along our fence, and in my garden.
I had just enough time to come inside and take a 20 minute nap (and rest my back) before picking up the girls and taking Olivia to ballet.  After ballet we went to the library and then came home to put things away and make a little picnic.  I thought that would be fun to do for our little family night since Andy wasn’t home yet.  We headed to the cemetery we went to during spring break to visit the swan again and this time we had some bread to share.  Elizabeth made our sandwiches for me.
This is on our walk when they passed dog poo on the sidewalk and had to check their shoes.  I just wanted a regular walking picture… 

 Here are my cute, fun kids!

 We made it to the pond a mile away 20 minutes later.  The swan swam right over to see us.

 Abby hung out in her stroller most of the time since the fence is wooden.

 They liked throwing bits of bread at the swan.  (Yes, I said AT the swan.) Two ducks and some fish were eating the bread too.

 Abby even had a try, but she would just kind of drop it.

 Abby was fascinated by the swan.

 Until she got tired of that and just wanted a popsicle.  The popsicles kept our sandwiches cold.

 We stayed down there for a half hour or so before heading home.  Elizabeth and Vincent head up the hill here.

 Olivia sure knows how to pose!

Just after the kids got their pajamas on, Andy pulled into the driveway.  He’s home safe and sound.  Yea!


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