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Flowers make me tired

on May 10, 2012
Vincent came home from preschool with this fun flower that he planted.  He painted the pot too. I love it.  It has his handprints on it.  Awesome.

 I know you must be thinking they ate something chocolate, but my friend reassured me that they did not.  Dirt.
I love this cute boy!

 This is what I worked on while Vincent was at preschool.  We always have a row of weeds next to the fence.  Andy sprayed them last weekend so they were all prickly and pokey and annoying, but dead.  It took me 50 minutes before preschool and then another 75 minutes while Vincent was there (Abby napped).

 I love when my roses start budding.  This one is a mini rose bush.

 Vincent played all afternoon and a little while before it was time to pick up the girls after school, I asked him to pick up some toys.  He, apparently, was too tired.  He fell asleep.  I called a friend to pick up Olivia for me.  Elizabeth had activity days.

 Olivia taught herself to write her name in cursive.

Abby’s awake again and the kids are playing outside.  I should go join them….with a book.


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