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Being a mom

on May 14, 2012
I hardly know what to say about Mother’s Day.  
While I have been blessed with wonderful mothers and women in my life, I’m not so sure that I am really one of those people.  
I always find a way to be grumpy on Mother’s Day (honestly!)
The kids were waking me up before I wanted to get up. Over and over.
Then I got up and went out to see what they set up on the table for me, but as I did that, I was carefully stepping over (seemingly) every tiny toy in our house (ones that I so carefully sorted into their own bags just days ago and yes, Abby was up testing them all out in her mouth.)
So as I walked out to the table, I was already in a mood.
No breakfast in bed (or any other kind of nice little breakfast even though I set out the muffin mix, muffin tin, mixing bowl, spatula, muffin cups, cooking spray….)
The girls DID make some fun and sweet things for me at school, Saturday at home, and Elizabeth made a few things at Activity Day too.  I took a picture of the whole table, but it didn’t turn out.  They had it covered in nice things for me.
Here is what Olivia made at school.  It’s a funny little poem.  I’ll transcribe it below.
By Your Little Girl Olivia
Who changed my blowouts when I was a baby?   Mom!
Who makes chili for me?  Mom!
Who takes me to school!  Mom!
Who tucks me in?  Mom!

I guess she doesn’t think I’m too awful.  I really did change her blowouts when she was a baby.  It was the worst!

Here’s the poem Elizabeth wrote for me (I’ll transcribe it too since it’s small.)

 I Love You the Reddest
I love you the reddest.
I love you the color of a red rose about to burst.
I love you the color of a red eye of a red eyed tree frogs.
And the color of a stripe on a flag.
And the hair on your head.
And the yes of yesterday.
And the sun of a sunny day.
I love you the reddest.
from love E.Z.R.

After I read those, I told Elizabeth that I put all the muffin stuff out so she could make me some muffins.  She got right to it and they were delicious. I thought so anyway.

The kids were STILL cleaning up their giant mess after my shower and before theirs and I was mean and didn’t let them eat any until after church.

Church is always another story.  As much as I tried to listen and be well behaved, I always get this terrible nagging thing that just makes me hate Mother’s Day.  It feels so fake to me.

Abby was all over the place (three hour wrestle was just beginning) and the three bigger kids weren’t any better really.

Because the older ones weren’t well behaved, they got to stay sitting in the chapel after everyone else went to class.  I decided a while ago that if they can’t behave and be reverent during the meeting, they get to do it after the meeting and miss some of primary.  We listened to the organ play the dismissal music and then they were released to class and me to our class that Andy taught while I wrestled Abby and jumped up to keep her from wrecking hymn books.

Relief Society brought more wrestling with that little girl who just gets so tired at church, but will not sleep anywhere other than her bed (and once in a while in the car.)  Relief Society also brought chocolate.

We came home and I was sent to my room for a nap.  The kids had lunch and did who knows what and Andy made dinner.  I was woken up about 6pm to come and eat.  The spaghetti was great.

Andy’s parents stopped by and brought me a nice little mother’s day card and present.

Andy and I read scriptures with our rambunctious kids (wound up from a grandparent visit).

I went on a stroll with three friends (and a baby) through the neighborhood for an hour.

Came home and watched Celebrity Apprentice (yea for Clay!!!)

I’m glad the next Mother’s Day is another year away.  It’s hard with little kids (and probably big ones too)!


2 responses to “Being a mom

  1. Mary says:

    I use to hate Mother's Day too. Now the meeting just makes me cry, with the songs they sing every Mother's Day. My Mother's day started out with my bawling- darn sentimental writing on cards from a few of my posterity…Have a Happy Day after Mother's DAY! OK?

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