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on May 16, 2012
Dun, dun, dun!
All of our kids (other than Abby) have been to the dentist before and no one has been scared of the dentist.
We just tell them what to expect. All four kids and I had check ups and cleanings today.

Vincent came prepared with his backpack of toys and brought his sunglasses in from the car too.

The girls thought he was pretty cute.  I heard him telling them all kinds of things.  He’s not shy.  

He was right to be prepared.  He has four cavities.  Silver teeth are in his near future.  Ouch!

Elizabeth was watching cartoons.  She has a few cavities too.  YES, our kids brush their teeth.  They just must have my side of teeth…

 Olivia only had one cavity!  I was in getting MY teeth cleaned when it was her turn, so Elizabeth snapped this shot of Olivia.  I love it!

 Abby got to hold a new toothbrush and had a quick floride treatment done to help seal her tiny teeth.

 By the time we got home Vincent’s teeth looked like this!

 And Olivia’s looked that way too!

 Yikes!  Don’t worry.  They got those out of a little vending machine thing at the dentist office.
Elizabeth chose this toy instead.

I guess we get to go visit the dentist a lot more in the next few weeks.  We’ll be great buddies. =(

I made General Tso Chicken again for dinner tonight.  Elizabeth and Abby both took naps.  Elizabeth didn’t even want to eat and said she took a little nap in the nurse’s office after the State testing today.  Must have been stressful or she could be getting sick I guess.  It doesn’t happen very often around here (LUCKILY!)

One response to “Dentist

  1. Cali says:

    Mother's day bothers me too and I'm not even a mom!! Sorry it was kind of crappy. :(BUT- those cookies look delicious!!

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