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on May 16, 2012
Don’t worry.  I’m over my weird mood swing (and not pregnant if you were thinking that’s why I was so crazy.)
I’ve been working on my list this week.  I usually write out a list on Saturday or Sunday night of all the things I’d like to get done (or more likely the things I told people I would do so I HAVE to get them done.)  
I assigned days and wrote the things on my list ON my calendar this week so I could schedule them out a little better.  This is the week that my list will get done (I hope!)  There will still be a few things on there, but those are continuing projects that I’m working on all the time.
Lucky for me (and a few lucky people), making this delicious treat was on my list yesterday.  

The irony of holding a cookie where my bowls of fruit are in the picture is not lost on me.  That cookie however WAS lost on me.  I only ate two (and then two more after I walked a lot!)

On my list for Monday?  Making visiting teaching appointments (it was only the 14th!), arranging some babysitting (anybody up for Saturday night?  Our stake is having a seminary talent show…), calling phone company to figure out our voice mail, typing the PTA minutes from our last meeting, making chicken pot pie (and burning the bottom of the soup part-still good.), and a friend called to see if I could watch her daughter until she was done with a work meeting, so I picked her up after we dropped Olivia off at ballet and we went to the library.  Our little friend joined us for dinner and the fun part of FHE (never did do the other part…)  I went on a nice long, fast walk with my buddy (5 miles in an hour and a half-with stoplights and a quick library stop and hills.)  I was supposed to cut out some jean squares for a jean quilt when I got home, but I was too tired, so I took a shower and went to bed (at 11pm! Early for me!)

On my list Wednesday is weeding the garden.  Obviously, I’m stalling on that a little, but I had to reassure my readers that I’m not crazy (in the cranky way at least!)  A little chocolate usually helps with the crazies, doesn’t it?  I still put it into my food diary on My Fitness Pal and kept myself in check.  I’m still not losing weight like I hoped, but I can hardly complain about that right after that cookie picture…  I DO feel better and I have a month left from today until my birthday.  16 pounds to go!  I can do that in a month, right?  Especially if I don’t make more treats. (I did give most of them away.)

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